Thursday, 20 October 2016

Googly Eyes Game

Google Eyes game, family board game, Christmas game

This is one funny game to play during Halloween half term and Christmas holidays! If you and your kids like a good laugh and be silly, read on about Googly Eyes.

Google Eyes game, family board game, Christmas game

University Games brand new board game Googly Eyes (RRP £19.99, recommended for 4 players +, suitable for 7 years +) comes in a sturdy box with:

a game board
a pair of wacky oversized glasses
3 sets of tinted, interchangable lenses
4 plastic playing pieces
a die (you can stick the numbers on yourself)
a drawing pad and pencil
a timer
54 challenge cards in 3 categories, each contains 3 challenges (so a total of 162 challenges)
an instruction leaflet

Colour: Each card has 3 challenges, which are marked with a different colour. The colour matches the colour on the game board and lenses. Each colour also indicates a specific challenge time, which is written on the cards.

Lenses: Each pair of coloured lenses have a different degree of blurriness. The harder the challenge, the blurrier the lenses, and the more time is given to complete the challenge.

Google Eyes game, family board game, Christmas game

To play: Players play in teams (hence a minimum of 4 players). Each team takes turn to roll the dice, move their playing piece on the board, and take a card from the stack. Based on the colour they land on the game board, a player of the team need to read the corresponding challenge silently without letting the other team member see, put on the wacky glasses with the corresponding lenses on, and announce the category of the card.

Once the timer is set to the correct time limit, the player with the glasses on will have to draw what they read on the card, while the other player in the same team will have to guess what it is, both within the time limit.

When time is up, and the player couldn't guess it right, they remain on the same place on the game board. If they guessed it right, they can roll the dice again and move further on the game board before ending their turn.

It all sound really easy, because most of us know about the guess what they drew game. But the wacky glasses and the blurry lenses made the game really funny!

Google Eyes game, family board game, Christmas game

Google Eyes game, family board game, Christmas game

Just looking at the person who's wearing the glasses made us laugh! And the one wearing the glasses will have a taste of what it's like when you "drank" too much!

Abby had the easiest challenge and managed to draw a radio fairly accurately. Hubby drew a concert, although none of us guessed it (poor him was partnered with Clay too haha). I thought I had the easiest challenge - mobile phone, and when I drew it, it looked perfectly fine! But when I took the glasses off, it looked nothing like what I saw in the glasses (and I just noticed that my "apps" were drawn outside of the screen haha)!

I know now why people who are drunk claimed that they are normal!

We all enjoyed the game and had a great time being silly! I think the only down side is that you'll need at least 4 players to play the game, but I'm very sure you can change the playing method and still make the game work for less than 4 players. It is a fun game and we love the challenges too. The good thing is that the game will be great to play with a group of people who likes to get silly but without the bad influence!