Sunday, 9 October 2016

GymCube - 2 in 6 Program

health and fitness club, workout at home, Reebok GymCube

I've been really good with my health and fitness before and during (surprisingly!) our Summer holiday, but ever since we came back, I started binge eating on all the yummy goodies we bought from overseas, and never got back to my fitness routine! I am worried that all the effort I put in in the past 8 months would be wasted, but I just couldn't get back on track.

So when I saw the opportunity to review GymCube, a website providing a range of workout videos you can do at home (or anywhere else), live classes 3 times a week, a personal coach that offers one to one support, nutrition program to help you eat well, plus a closed Facebook community that provides additional support from the founder Kev and other members, I jumped straight onto the bandwagon, even though I'm feeling rather panicky!

I'm not even sure why I'm feeling nervous, it's not like I've never worked out before or reviewed a slimming program (Thinking Slimmer). Maybe it's because of the added pressure that I must complete the program I chose as I am reviewing it (a sense of responsibility), during the busiest month on my blog! Argh! But I'm determined to get this done, and hopefully I can achieve what I've set out to achieve.

There is quite a lot of information on GymCube's website, and since I'd like to start my chosen program as soon as, I didn't have time to go through everything yet to give you a full review. But if you are interested, come back each week and you'll learn a bit more about them through my updates.

I decided to go for GymCube's signature weight loss program - 2in6, specifically designed to help you drop 2 dress sizes in 6 weeks. 2 dress sizes! In 6 weeks! That would be amazing if I can achieve that!

At the moment I've been assigned Kev (the founder of GymCube) as my coach. He's not the only coach of course, but who are assigned to you depends on what you have filled in in the initial questionnaire. You can contact your coach directly, and you will also receive emails from them. But you don't have to stick to workout videos that are taught by them.

In the 2 in 6 program, there are 3 trainers, Katie, Pierre and Sandra. Katie focuses on aerobic based fat burning workouts, Pierre offers combat based workouts, and Sandra helps you get fit through dance.

Each of them have 3 workout videos for you to follow, and it is recommended for you to workout 5 to 6 times a week. So you can personalise your 2 in 6 weekly to suit your style. This is my initial plan:

health and fitness club, workout at home, Reebok GymCube

For the first week, starting from today, I'll try out a workout video from each of the 3 trainers. I'm not quite sure about combat style, so decided to do that once a week, and twice with Katie and Sandra. I'll also use the same video during the week, just to get myself familiar with the moves, before I try out the other workout videos.

I do like it so far, even though I haven't started yet (my first workout will be right after this post goes live). I like the different style of workouts to keep me interested (I get bored easily and will then give up!), so fingers crossed by the end of the week I'm still positive about this schedule!

Oh, and for 2 in 6, it's recommended to get a resistance band for your workout, so I bought this from Amazon UK, which arrived in time for my first workout with Katie today:

health and fitness club, workout at home, Reebok GymCube

Good luck me! And please do come back each week for updates, especially if you are interested in GymCube as well!