Friday, 28 October 2016

John Adams Halloween Giveaway!

Ahhh, I did say that I have a few giveaways lining up for you didn't I? Here is another for you to enter!

To celebrate Halloween, I have a John Adams' Zombie Magic and a Gross Practical Jokes kits for 2 of you to win!

Zombie Magic (Suitable for 7+, RRP £19.99)
Brand new for 2016, the zombie-themed box of dead good illusions comes with

- instruction leaflet
- "how-to" video guide
- 35 illusions from beyond the grave (!!)

You can

- make zombies appear and disappear in a spooky coffin
- stab swords through zombie's solid brains
- discover the zombie foot with a broken leg which only you can reconnect
- make zombie brain appear in a specimen jar
- vanish blood stained handkerchiefs
- mysteriously multiply maggots

plus more!

Gross Practical Jokes (Suitable for 7+, RRP £14.99)
For you to play hilarious toilet humour jokes! Comes with

- 30 toilet-themed tricks
- all you need to pull them off to keep people guessing

for example

- fake poo
- urine spill (!)
- toilet squirter
- slime-filled toilet farter
- fake snot
- 15 easy-to-do ideas

plus more!

We are going to review these on the blog soon, and now I'm regretting a bit hahaha! Maybe I'll do the pranks instead *evil grin*

I'm sure you'll know someone (or even yourself?) who will absolutely love to have one of these! Although they won't arrive in time for Halloween, they sure will be perfect to fit under your Christmas tree!

Good luck! x

John Adams Zombie Magic x 1
John Adams Gross Practical Jokes x 1

Giveaway ends: Sunday 13th November 2016 Midnight (where 00:01am is Monday)

Terms & Conditions:
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  • The prizes cannot be exchanged and no cash alternative will be offered.
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  • Winners will be announced by Wednesday 16th November 2016 on here, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Winners will have to respond to my email by Monday 21st November 2016 noon. A new winner will be chosen after the deadline.
  • The prizes will be posted by the PR, and as I have no control over missing parcels, I can't accept responsibility for any accidents. However, if you have any query, do let me know and I'll try my best to help
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