Saturday, 29 October 2016

Num Noms Series 2 Inspired Recipes

Num Noms Series 2, food toys, recipes

Num Noms Series 2 is here! We had lots of fun creating recipes by getting inspirations from Num Noms Series 1, and this time the kids also had their hands in making something too!

Num Noms Series 2, food toys, recipes

We were sent 2 adorable packs from Num Noms series 2 - Diner Jumbo Combo Deluxe Pack and Brunch Bunch Starter Pack, and were surprised with the new savoury flavours. We LOVE savoury food!

Diner Jumbo Combo Deluxe Pack (RRP £14.99, suitable for 3+) comes with:

6 Diner Food Nums
- Hammy Burger, PBNJ, Frenchie Fries, Lemony Cola, and Haley Hot Dog, and our mystery Num is Oni Giri

2 Motorised Noms
- Cheesy Go-Go and Ketchup Go-Go

1 Diner Food Tray
1 Diner food Frying Spatula
1 Collector's Menu

and the Brunch Bunch Starter Pack (RRP £8.99, suitable for 3+) comes with:

3 Brunch Nums
- Strawberry Froyo, Berry Cakes and Willy Waffles

1 Motorised Nom
- Jammin' Razzy Go-Go

1 Frying Pan
1 Frying Spatula
1 Collector's Menu

The Num Noms are really adorable, and they smell delicious! They really make me crave for certain food too! After having a play with them, the kids decided to try P.B.N.J. They never mixed peanut butter and jam together before, so it's a new experiment for them.

They put their Num Noms #MiniChefs hats on and made their own breakfast:

It was a bit tricky for Clay to spread the peanut butter out, so he'll be practising during the half term (ours starts now)! They both had lots of fun in the kitchen!

Num Noms Series 2, food toys, recipes

Num Noms #MiniChefs P.B.N.J verdict:

Both Abby and Clay weren't too keen in it. I think we need a better peanut butter, and a different jam to go with it. It was a great attempt though. If only if we can make it look as cute as P.B.N.J Num!

Our mystery Num from the Diner pack was Oni Giri! We've made a lot of sushi before, but I always tried to avoid making rice balls, because it's easier to spread rice out on seaweed than using my hands to knead them together (I think anyway). So this was a challenge for me, especially when I realised that we ran out of sushi seaweed (I used the Korean snacking ones instead), and I couldn't find my cute expression puncher!

Ok, I admit, I'm just not good at it. I ended up adding crab legs meat to make ears for the lump of Oni Giri! At least the kids found their Bento boxes fun and enjoyed eating their dinner, so I'm just going to leave it at that.

Num Noms Series 2, food toys, recipes

Num Noms #MiniChefs Oni Giri Verdict:

"The best mummy ever!" and ate all their food (points for effort and taste!)

Our final attempt went a bit better. It's been a busy week and what's better than a quick and fun lemon and coke, cheesy fries and chicken nuggets for dinner? It's my first time making cheesy fries too, thought that the cheddar cheese will be over powering, but it was much easier to eat than in some diners!

So for the cheesy fries, simply cook your fries according to the packet's instructions, then sprinkle grated cheddar cheese all over it, and grill until it's all melted and start to get golden in colour. Serve hot!

Num Noms Series 2, food toys, recipes

Num Noms Series 2, food toys, recipes

Num Noms #MiniChefs Lemony Cola and Frenchy Fries Cheesy Go-Go Verdict:

Abby:"Can I have more lemon coke please!"
Clay:" There is cheese on the fries! Nice!" "The fries are all stuck together!"

Dinner was delicious, and we will certainly have it again (so easy to do!).

While looking for inspirations, I was going through all the Num Noms collection listed on their website, and was really impressed with the flavours included! There are so many choices, and they are all so very cute! I think they'll be perfect for collection, and if I ever run out of ideas again, I just need to look at them and smell them!

Have you got your hands on the latest Num Noms yet?