Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Paper Pop Seasonal Stationery Box

Paperpop UK, stationery box, UK planner box

If you are following me on social media, you might have seen my posts about me being one of Paper Pop's PR team member, which I'm really excited about, because the stationery they put in their boxes are really pretty and are exactly the things I will use for decorating my planner (or organiser)!

Why decorate your planner, you ask? Because it makes planning less dull, and it gives me an excuse to be creative while playing with stickers, washi tapes and colourful pens (stationery lovers' me time!). It allows me time to de-stress, which lead to more efficient planning, and eventually get more things done.

Besides, who wouldn't rather plan on nicely decorated paper than on plain boring lined paper? I absolutely love my personalised planners, and it brightens up my day before showing me what craziness I'll be facing. (see below for pictures)

So. As one of the Paper Pop PR (or ambassador), I get to share with you all the pretty sneak peaks of their gorgeous planner stationery that is included in their seasonal boxes, and review them, so that you have a good idea of what you are getting with their boxes.

About Paper Pop:

It is a seasonal planner stationery box (although you can use their items for other things as well of course) that will be launching very very soon, and their first box will be the Autumn box that you see here. Items included in the first box are:

1 x Glitter Fox Paperclip
1 x Ribbon Tassle Charm
1 x Rose Gold Crystal Pen (insert *heart eyes emoji*)
1 set of  6 mini Clear Stamps
1 x 3 sheets of Planner Stickers from AletheiaPuku (UK Etsy seller)
1 x 3 sheets of Planner Stickers from UrbanSweetHeartUK (UK Etsy seller)

Paper Pop boxes cost £22 each (shipping depends on country), and will be available to buy through Shopify and Facebook.

Also, I just heard that the Christmas/ Winter box is in the making! Eeeek!

But for now, let's have a look at Paper Pop's Autumn box that I really love! I've already used the items as soon as I took the pictures!

Paperpop UK, stationery box, UK planner box

Paperpop UK, stationery box, UK planner box

This season's Paper Pop comes in a white box, with orange tissue paper and black tissue paper strips. It reminds me of Halloween! The gorgeous items are hiding underneath, making it feels like unboxing a gift!

Note: My rose gold crystal pen was hiding in the tissue paper and I only noticed it after I took the pictures. Silly me!

Isn't everything pretty?! I really love the colour combinations!

Paperpop UK, stationery box, UK planner box

The first thing I did was to quickly attach the paperclip and tassle charm onto my planner. How gorgeous is this?! They were both a perfect match for my Berry Kikki.K planner (that's a whole other planner craze that I will tell you another day)!

This is an example of planner decoration. There are many pockets in the front, but why limit to storing business cards? I kept spare paperclips, Project Life cards, a bookmark and a small sticky pad handy, and a thank you card from Etsy seller ChoChoandMiMi, which is really pretty, and has my name printed on too!

Paperpop UK, stationery box, UK planner box

I absolutely love this pen! Not just because it's so sparkly and pretty in my current favou rite rose gold, but also because it's a thin ball point pen! I'm never a ball point pen person (love gel pens), but because it's thin, it writes beautifully and glides smoothly. And it can be used as a stylus pen too, which is a bonus!

Paperpop UK, stationery box, UK planner box

These mini stamps are really cute, and although I haven't explored much with stamps yet, I do have a small collection of them that I love to hog, and these will be added to them. One day I'll sit down with all my pretty stamps and have a play with them!

Paperpop UK, stationery box, UK planner box

Paperpop UK, stationery box, UK planner box

Paperpop UK, stationery box, UK planner box

Paperpop UK, stationery box, UK planner box

Paperpop UK, stationery box, UK planner box

Aletheia and Ling both sell handcrafted stickers on Etsy, but each have a different style. However, the 2 designs compliment each other really well, so they are perfect to use to decorate a weekly spread together! These stickers are designed to fit an Erin Condren planner, but will work in other planners too.

I couldn't wait and decorated the next available week in my planner (I've already decorated the first week of November haha...):

Paperpop UK, stationery box, UK planner box

I would have done a bit more decorating, but I'll need the space to write (picture shows the decorated weekly spread before official planning). Both sticker sets are of great quality, colour is well saturated, and you can do a quick repositioning before they set on paper.

And if you haven't decorated the first week of November yet, you can use the fancy pumpkin and Bonfire night stickers in your spread too!

What do you think? Isn't this much more attractive to plan on than keeping the boxes plain?

This is a Happy Planner by the way, cut and hole punched to fit into my A5 ring binder. Happy Planner's paper and divider quality and design are absolutely beautiful, I just prefer them in my Kikki.K.

I have subscribed to a few planner subscription boxes before, but have unsubscribed to most except one, because their style are just not me. I absolutely love the designs and items chosen in the Paper Pop box, and will use and keep everything (there are items from other boxes that I would normally pass on), so even if I'm not a Paper Pop PR, I would still buy their boxes. The fact that they are shipping from the UK means that I'll get the items sooner too!

Paper Pop will be launching really soon, if you want to grab hold of this box, make sure you sign up on their website for notification, Instagram for sneak peeks and launch info, and more details on their Facebook page too.

Happy planning!