Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Roald Dahl The Witches taking over Tatton Park this Halloween!

Tatton Park Autumn Half Term activity, Halloween at Tatton park, Roald Dahl The Witches

Sorry I've been quiet lately, there is so much going on at the moment that I had to spend some time getting organised again before I can get back on track! This is going to be an extremely busy month, which means that I'll have a lot of exciting things to share with you! First up is Roald Dahl's Tremendous Adventures at Tatton Park having a frightsome Halloween makeover this October half-term!

From Saturday 22nd October to Sunday 30th October, The Old Hall at Tatton Park, *creepy voice* the park's oldest building~~~, will be transformed into Hotel Magnificient (the scene of most of the action in Roald Dahl's famous book), where visitors are invited to a Spooktacular Halloween Party (dressing up is recommended!)!

Visitors will
- go on the hunt for all the ingredients for the Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse-Maker (the potion that turns children into mice)
- visit the creepy sweet shop laboratory
- listen to spooky storytelling in the Barn

It's worth writing down the Tatton Park's Witch Spotting Checklist and bring it with you when you visit the Old Hall!

·            They always wear gloves
o    Witches don’t have normal fingernails, they have thin claws, like cats – which is why they wear gloves ALL THE TIME, even indoors.
·         They are bald as a boiled egg
o    But many choose to wear very realistic wigs – don’t be fooled!
·         They have large nose holes
o    Real witches have an amazing sense of smell due to their very large nose holes – they can smell a child from across the street. And the cleaner the child, the easier they are to smell.
·         Their eyes change colour
o    If you look carefully at a real witch’s eye, you will notice the pupil changes colour – it will send shivers down your spine.
·         They have no toes
o    Real witches have feet with square ends – but they try to hide this by squeezing their feet into pretty shoes. Watch out for them limping!
·         They have blue spit
o    Real witches have spit so blue they can even use it to write with it.

There are other creepy activities across Tatton Park as well, including:

- following the trails around The Mansion's treasures and servants' quarters to find those unlucky children who have been transformed into mice already!

- When the clock chimes, it's time to head to The Farm and collect your conker from the Witches' Tree. The whole family can join in a creepy and chilling conker challenge!

There is also lots of fun to be had by taking part in the Fantastic Mr. Fox's Farm trail.

In The Gardens, visitors should expect some gruesome surprises! They can also go on an adventure with Danny the Champion of the World with Roald Dahl activities while they are there.

This is going to be an awesome Halloween! We will be visiting on Saturday 22nd October to get involved! If you want to have some spooktacular Roald Dahl fun this year, don't forget to get your Totally Tatton Twit Tickets (family £27.50, £11 per adult and £5.50 per child. Car parking fee is £6).

For more information and plenty of pictures, check out Tatton Park's official website here.