Thursday, 17 November 2016

Healthy Eating and Christmas is Coming!

Since January, I've been trying to change my lifestyle as I wanted to slim down again. We are spoiled with information on the Internet nowadays, and I've gathered quite a bit of information about what is healthy and good to eat for me to reach my goal.

I then used the information I learned, and adapt it to what I think is a reasonable lifestyle change, without taking the fun of food and life away. I started drinking lots of water (which is much easier to do in the hotter days), having porridge and cereals for breakfast, went for brown bread than white, and most importantly, minimised snacking on naughty food.

But then I joined GymCube, and my personal trainer asked me: "What is healthy eating?". After our discussion, I think the basic theory is:

"A balanced diet that makes you feel energised throughout the day, and can make you physically and emotionally happy, is healthy eating."

Although it sounded like a whole new concept (so junk food isn't junk food?!), but if you break it down, you can understand why they are classed as junk food (they make you unwell after), when others are classed as healthy food (they give you real energy).

As what works for others doesn't mean will work for me, I'm now learning from scratch what my "healthy food" is. I know that I don't have to go for wholemeal bread anymore, for example, because I'm not gluten intolerant, and it gives me the positive energy I need.

So far, this new way of healthy eating isn't that difficult, because the only bad eating I did was snacking on chocolates, sweets and crisps (emotional eating. Must combat that!). Without them, our main meals aren't that bad at all.

I did however struggled with finding ideas for protein, especially cheaper alternatives to lean meat. So articles like this 5 Healthy Food that will Actually Save You Money can be quite helpful (I do need some inspiration from somewhere), especially during this time of the year. Out of the 5 items, at least 3 of them are packed with protein, and I used 2 of them before too (forgotten!).

Did I tell you that my personal trainer is expecting me to gain weight during December? At least he's being realistic and didn't expect me to stay good while my family and friends stuff their faces! So while I work hard now to stay good, I'm also finding ways to drop my food budget a bit more, so that we can use the extra to spend on Christmas. So, cheaper alternatives, and maybe some online deals and vouchers like these food ones should do. Hopefully I won't pile on everything again and make January too painful!