Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Interplay FabLab: Style Lab

As soon as I saw Style Lab from Interplay's FabLab range, I knew that it'll be a popular kit (it appeared to be one of their best sellers!), whether it's for a sleepover or birthday party, or even just a quiet mother and daughter fun time! It has 3 makeover activities in just one kit!

Glitter Tattoo, Hair Dye, Nail Art

Glitter Tattoo, Hair Dye, Nail Art

Interplay FabLab Style Lab (RRP £19.99, suitable for age 8+) comes with:

5 pots of Glitter
a Glitter Tattoo BodyArt Glue
50 Tattoo Templates in 25 different styles
2 Brushes

4 Hair Shadows
a Hair Clip
a pair of Lab Gloves

Nail Sequins
7 Solvent Free Nail Varnishes
a Emery Board
a Foam Toe Separator
Nail Art Brush

16 pages Instruction booklet

Glitter Tattoo, Hair Dye, Nail Art

We love it that you get 2 of each Glitter Tattoo templates, so that you can either do your favourite design twice, or you can share one with your BFF! It also gives you a second chance to do a design if you couldn't get it right the first time.

It is recommended to clean the skin where you will be applying the glitter tattoo, and I would recommend that as well. We didn't do it and the template didn't stick very well. So clean before you do this!

The glitter is really sparkly! We love how you can mix colours to make a gradient effect. It's a shame that we didn't do the first one right so I couldn't show you the blue, green and purple design we had on Abby's arm!

The instructions on the booklet is very clear, make sure you follow the tips to make a lasting glitter tattoo.

Glitter Tattoo, Hair Dye, Nail Art

I really like the Nail Art kit in this box as well, there is plenty of colours to choose from, and no alcohol so they are perfect for kids! An emery board to help you tidy up the nails first, a really small brush for nail art, and toe separator if you decided to do your toes too, it really has everything!

Also, Abby found it really fun to peel the paint off her nails (it comes off like a piece of vinyl or dried-glue)! There is no need for nail varnish remover which is harsh for kids, and it doesn't wash off like others so she can keep it for longer!

Glitter Tattoo, Hair Dye, Nail Art

Glitter Tattoo, Hair Dye, Nail Art

Abby loved the Hair Shadow most! She kept saying: "I have blue hair! Oh My God I have blue hair! Please let me go to school like this!" Nope.

It's very straight forward to highlight hair with the hair shadows, simply rub strands of hair on the creamy shadow a bit at a time to get the intensity you want. You can also mix 2 colours together! Abby is featuring blue and purple, although we could have done with putting a bit more purple on (you can kind of see it more on the picture on the left).

Do note that the gloves provided fits children hands only, so if you want to help your child, you might want to get your own gloves (it might stain skin).

Again, the hair shadow can be easily washed off with shampoo and warm water, although Abby was imagining that her hair still had some blue in it haha.

We will be having a really fun Christmas with this kit! And if you prefer one activity over another, Interplay also sell Glitter Tattoo, Nail Art and Hair Lights separately (RRP £9.99 each). I think Style Lab is definitely more value for money though!