Wednesday, 16 November 2016

John Adams - Gross Practical Jokes

gross jokes, kids pranks, gross practical jokes

I was never into weird things like this John Adam's Gross Practical Jokes when I was a kid, but I must say that it's quite funny (it's hilarious) to trick the kids, or watch them trick each other (just don't do it on me haha).

If you have a cheeky one at home, want to train their humour, or you want to cause trouble yourself (ahh, parents can be pretty devious too, and the occasional pay back time is required to make us emotionally more balanced), this is a great kit to go for.

gross jokes, kids pranks, gross practical jokes

gross jokes, kids pranks, gross practical jokes

John Adams' Gross Practical Jokes (RRP £14.99, suitable for 7+) comes with:

(fake, of course)
urine spill
vomit patch
squirted toothpaste
specimen jar
snot slime
poo filled toilet farter (it looks like someone had a diarrhea...)
eyeball squirter
toilet squirter
sticker sheet
instructions with extra gross practical jokes

gross jokes, kids pranks, gross practical jokes
Left: Cracked Mirror!!                         Right: Me "Can we leave it in the packet?!"

gross jokes, kids pranks, gross practical jokes
Abby shoved the urine spill under Clay:"Mummy! Clay peed on the sofa!!!"   ...
The most popular prank item from the box is the urine spill. It can be quite convincing, especially if you just woke up for a morning wee, and when a tiny bit is showing under someone's body! We also found the cockroach quite realistic. Every time we walked passed it (Clay decided to leave it on the floor *sigh*), we paused to look while cringing slightly. I had to eventually move it away!

I'm not mentally prepared to open the packet of diarrhea-like poo yet, even though I know that it's most likely not runny if it can make a farting noise. But all I can think of is diarrhea. I am certain it will drive someone crazy!

I like how the kit works with stickers to make things even more realistic (like using the poo smear sticker on a real toilet roll tissue!), and they also teach you how to make edible poo and vomit *covers mouth*.

If you are open to pranks and add some fun to your life, definitely get this kit for your child. If you want to play a joke on other adults, then buy it for their kids!

By the way, have I show you pictures of our trip to the Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan?

Toilet Restaurant, Themed restaurant, toilet themed

The food was delicious by the way!