Monday, 14 November 2016

Saltrock Women's Hoodie

We loved Saltrock's children clothes they sent us last time for review, and they have kindly given me another opportunity to review something from their adults' range. When I logged on their website, I immediately fell in love with Saltrock Womens Orchid Hooded Shirt in Pink (Original price £60, now 50% off) after seeing the following picture:

And I had to have it! Of course, I was being rational and checked out the rest of Saltrock's clothing first, which are really nice too, but I just really love the Orchid in pink! They have it in green (Aqua?) as well, which is the usual colour I'd go for, but I'm so glad that I went for pink:

It's perfect! I love the mix of pink and brown colour, and it feels so soft and warm! Even my hubby and Abby loved it.

I know I know, it should be me featuring this stylish Saltrock hoodie for women instead of Abby, but I er, have a bit more weight to loose before I can do the hoodie justice, and since she practically took over it ("It's so comfy! Can I have it?! I'm having it!"), we thought we'll feature her in the blog instead. I'll be taking it back though!

It was very easy to order from their website, and they always have some really good deals on. They also carry brands like Regatta and Surfanic, as well as other beach/ surfer/ skaters' brands too.