Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera

Abby has been wanting a camera for a while, but we are always scared of her dropping or scratching it. When I heard that Spinmaster are looking for people to review their Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera, we volunteered as I was sure both the kids will like it.

Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera, spy camera for kids, children camera

Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera, spy camera for kids, children camera

Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera, spy camera for kids, children camera

The Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera (£39.99, suitable for age 6+) comes with the action camera, USB cable, clip mount and headband that holds the action camera, 3 spare attachment pieces to attach the clip mount and headband onto to camera, and an instruction leaflet. The camera already came with a chargeable battery, so you just need to charge it up using the USB cable and the Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera will be ready to use.

The Action Camera has 3 modes - single frame capture, burst mode capture and video capture. I think, because it's part of a Spy Gear, it's not obvious with how to use the camera, so reading the instructions will be necessary to operate the camera.

The single frame capture button also acts as the camera's on/ off button. Once turned on, the kids are ready to go. They can take up to 15 minutes of VGA videos and up to 1500 still images on the Action Camera.

Spy Gear Spy Go Action Camera, spy camera for kids, children camera

We all love the idea of having a light weight camera that the kids can use without us needing to worry about them breaking it. The kids love running around with it and pretend to be action heroes while looking out for crimes.

On a day with good lighting and the kids not running around with the camera, the picture and video quality were quite decent for a £39.99 camera. We love the burst picture mode as it took some really funny facial expressions, and when we click through them, it's like watching them change in slow motion.

It's very easy to upload onto the computer, just plug the camera into the computer using the USB cable and you'll find the drive.

As part of Spy Gear, the camera is very silent. It's good if you try to sneak up on someone and take some funny pictures, however, we aren't quite sure whether a video or picture has been taken, and we wouldn't know until you check it on the computer (just like the good old days!) The only indication that it's running is the red LED light in the front, which is small and when the kids are wearing it, they wouldn't be able to check.

We took several test shots, with some pictures and video not captured, or something was captured that we didn't intend to. It's a little bit of a hit and miss until we use it more and find the pattern, but I think it's very much like a spy camera they use in the movies, you just have to spend some time to learn how to use it.

Positioning is another thing that require some testing. The camera feels a bit sensitive, so when the child wearing it is running, it can be very shaky (see above picture). We did manage to get some good calmer shots (unfortunately it's of something I can't show here!), so as a normal spy camera, it really does the trick. However it might need some tweaking to make it more stable for actions. I think better lighting might improve this, but it's a bit hard at the moment with the autumn/ winter days.

Overall I think the idea is brilliant, and it does what a spy camera should do - silent, quick shots, burst shots, videos and light weight. The attachments are very easy to use, and kids have a choice of attaching the camera on their head, bike and scooter etc, however we do think that it can do better with stabilising for better action shots, even for a £39.99 toy.