Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Stag Bakeries

We were introduced to Stag Bakeries at Blog On MSI 2016 Winter event, and their food are really yummy! My favourite is their fruit cake, and I don't even like fruit cakes! I'd recommend them though, which you can find in M&S. My second favourite from them is their Seaweed Water Biscuits, which is also the kids favourite!

Stag Bakeries are really kind and has sent us more of their yummy food to try and review, which are their:

Seaweed Oatcakes
Seaweed Water Biscuits (to compare)
Cheese Straws with Smoked Dunlop

Stag Bakeries, great taste awarded, seaweed biscuits

Stag Bakeries, great taste awarded, seaweed biscuits

I think because we love Seaweed so much, Stag Bakeries' Seaweed Water Biscuits and Oatcakes are our firm favourite here! The water biscuit especially disappeared in no time. We can definitely taste more of the seaweed from the water biscuits than the oatcakes, no wonder they have won great taste award!

We have tried spreading cream cheese on the water biscuit, but decided that they are best eaten on their own. The kids however, love putting cream cheese on the oatcakes!

The cheese straws are really delicious as well, but I think because the kids are too caught up with eating the seaweed biscuits and oatcakes, they have neglected the cheese straws! We love it and its slight smoky flavour.

As mentioned above, you can buy Stag Bakeries' delicious goodies from Marks & Spencer. You can also check here for other stockists.