Friday, 2 December 2016

Know Cosmetics No Dark Shadows Complexion Enhancer

After much testing and trialing, I've more or less settled with a selection of makeup products that I'm happy with. There are a couple of things I never use though, such as under eye concealer or a proper foundation (I'm using liquid CC cushion), because I still can't find one that suits me.

I'm always open to trialing things though, so when I heard that one of the best selling makeup brand in Sephora - Know Cosmetics became available in the UK (Superdrug), and that they have a concealer in the range, I had to give it a try.

Know Cosmetics, No Dark Shadows, Concealer

Know Cosmetics, No Dark Shadows, Concealer

Know Cosmetics No Dark Shadows Complexion Enhancer (£15), according to the brand's information, is a

"silky, light and blendable complexion enhancer and a concealer that conceals imperfections. The light diffusing pigments in the formula softens the look of dark circles and highlights your best features for a contoured makeup look. The long-lasting, buildable moisturising formula can be applied alone or blended with foundation to perfect the complexion."

It provides medium coverage, is waterproof that lasts over 6 hours, and is free of mineral oils and parabens. It also comes in 2 tones - WOW with a rose undertone and PIZAZZ with a yellow undertone.

The last time I had to check my skin tone was a while ago, and I keep forgetting that I actually have a mix under tone (pink in some area and yellow in others). Without checking, I asked for PIZAZZ, and the colour blended straight into mine, which would have been perfect if I didn't need it to correct the bluish dark circles under my eyes. It works well to cover my scars and spots though.

The No Dark Shadows is really easy to use, just twist until products comes out from the lovely soft brush. It gives a nice control of how much product you use, and build up until you are happy with it. It appears liquid before blending, and looks matte after.

As it blended well with my skin tone, it couldn't give me a highlight effect that's obvious enough, I think the WOW would have been more suitable for me in this case, and covering my bluish dark circles too.

If you are interested in checking out Know Cosmetics as well, they are now available in Superdrug.

Note: As for all products used on your skin, it is recommended to do a patch allergy test before applying the products.