Thursday, 15 December 2016 Winter Box

I've been enticed by all the sneak peek pictures for's Winter Box, and it's finally here! Everything is so lovely and definitely usable! They have done really well this season and sold out all their Winter boxes before shipping! Here is what was included in the box: Winter box, Planner stationery, UK Planner Addicts Winter box, Planner stationery, UK Planner Addicts Winter Box (£22.00, currently Sold Out, Snowglobe paperclip might become available) came with:

1 x 3 sheets of Planner Stickers from AletheiaPuku (UK Etsy Seller)
1 x 3 sheets of Planner Stickers from UrbanSweetHeartUK (UK Etsy Seller)
1 x Festive Words Gold Foil Washi Tape from SimplyGildedCo (US Etsy Seller)
1 x Autograph Crystal Pen in Candy Apply plus a black refill from PenGems (US Seller)
1 x Mint Bow Planner Charm
1 x Snowglobe Paperclip

As one of their PR team, I was also sent an additional rose gold paperclip, thank you lovelies!

And here are the slightly more detailed pictures: Winter box, Planner stationery, UK Planner Addicts Winter box, Planner stationery, UK Planner Addicts

The girls from wanted a more cute and modern theme for this festive season, so went for pink and mint as the main colour of their Winter box. It's really adorable and it fits perfectly with my Happy Planner's December colour theme too! It's just that I had to plan ahead this month so I've already decorated all the weeks, so I used mt stickers for January instead (see below).

They've also added 2 items with a more traditional colour theme - a red Crystal pen and a black and gold foil washi tape, which are items designed by other individual sellers. are highly supportive of individual sellers, which I think is brilliant as you'll know that you'll get some really unique items in the box that you can't find on the high street, and they are quality items too, I've tested a few crystal pens and PenGems' is one of the 2 that I have that writes really smoothly, so I'm really glad to add another one to my collection. The colour of the pen fits with my main planner colour too!

After the initial pictures, I spent some quality time playing with my new planner stationery! Winter box, Planner stationery, UK Planner Addicts

The Winter Box has cutefied my first week of January! I absolutely love the colour combination, and the bow! It matches my pink fluffy pom pom and made it look extra cute!

It's unfortunate that my Christmas page was already decorated as there is a lot of cute stickers I wanted to use but can't. I'll be more than happy to save it for next year though! I can however still use the Snowglobe paperclip because I can do with some snow even in January!

The Snowglobe paperclip is a shaker so the sequins inside are free to roll around, making it a really cute paperclip to have! I heard that they are thinking of making more to sell, I'm not too sure, but if they do you'll have to be quick as they are all handmade items and with this busy period of time, I doubt they'll make a lot of extra!

If you missed the Winter Box, no worries, but do keep an eye out for their next box because I'm absolutely loving the theme and can't wait to start sharing some sneak peeks with you!