Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Pancake Day - Breville's Crepe Maker

It's Pancake day today, and we are super excited this year because we were sent a Breville's Traditional Crepe Maker to review! It's a fantastic gadget that sped up my pancake making process, and we get large crepes as well, meaning that I can make Japanese style Crepe (recipe included, please excuse the illustrations) again!

We had this over the weekend so that I can post this up in time for Pancake Day. Maybe you'll fancy giving Japanese style Crepe a go as well?

Breville Crepe Maker, Pancake maker, Pancake Day

Breville Crepe Maker, Pancake maker, Pancake Day

Breville Crepe Maker, Pancake maker, Pancake Day

Breville Crepe Maker, Pancake maker, Pancake Day

I think Breville's Traditional Crepe Maker is brilliant! There are 5 temperature settings, but we only needed 2.5 for these crepes, which was really hot already. I wonder if I can do a Tepanyaki on it with the hottest setting?!

The T-bar tool is great to help spread the mixture, although it took me a few tries to get it right. However, I only used half the usual time to make a crepe (compared to the time spent waiting for a pancake to cook)! I also find it easier to control the amount of butter I spread on the hotplate than on a frying pan, and the kitchen didn't feel greasy, nor was it smoky.

The crepe maker came with a recipe book with lots of sweet and savoury ideas, and that's not just for the traditional crepes or pancakes. There are recipes for Blinis and Tortillas too.

I think it'll be even better if it comes with a heat-proof spatula that won't scratch the non-stick surface, but my silicone one did good.

If you like to have a Crepe Maker as well, it's only £25 on ao.com, which is one of the cheapest online.

Breville Crepe Maker, Pancake maker, Pancake Day

Here is our pancake feast! The Japanese style crepe was perfect with a bouncy, elastic texture and a hint of vanilla. The softly whipped chantilly cream and mixed fruits went so well with it! The kids absolutely love it.

We did over-estimate how much we can eat though, because it's a very filling crepe, and we were full after 1! The good thing about Japanese crepe is that, even after leaving it out for hours, they are still soft and edible, so none went to waste.

I didn't bother rolling them up properly in a cone shape this time, but because the batter doesn't have any oil in it, and only a very minimal amount of unsalted butter was used for frying, it didn't feel greasy at all to hold it in hand. We didn't need the forks and knives after all.

If you want to give Japanese style crepe a go, I've published the recipe through the purple link at the top.

Happy Pancake Day!