Thursday, 9 February 2017

Paperpop Stationery Box - Galentine's Day

Last month I made a batch of hand felted love heart pom pom paperclips for's Galentine's Day box, and it's here! It's really exciting to see one of my clip included in a subscription box!, planner stationery subscription box, Galentine's Day, planner stationery subscription box, Galentine's Day, planner stationery subscription box, Galentine's Day

As mentioned above, this season's theme is Galentine's Day, which celebrates the love between BFFs. included 2 adhesive plastic pockets (see below) in their box that we can use to stick inside our planner, maybe on a dashboard or divider. They've stuffed the large one with sticker samples from various Etsy sellers, who also provided discount codes for us! The idea is that we can keep one and decorate/ stuff the other and gift it to your BFF.

So this box comes with a lot of things, including:

Sticker Kit by UrbanSweetheartUK (Etsy Seller)
Sticker Kit by AletheiaPuku (Etsy Seller)
Social Events Stickers by bitsofstationery (Etsy Seller)
Hand Felted Heart Pom Pom Paperclip by me - FluffyCharmsUK (Etsy shop is currently closed)
Bows Before Bros Bow Enamel Planner Charm
Sticky Note Pads
Adhesive Paper Pop Plastic Planner Pockets (1 large 1 small)
6 puffy stickers (see below)

and samplers (stickers and printables) and coupon codes from the following Etsy sellers:

theLizzuPapers, planner stationery subscription box, Galentine's Day, planner stationery subscription box, Galentine's Day, planner stationery subscription box, Galentine's Day

I absolutely love the sticker kits by Ling from UrbanSweetHeartUK and Aletheia from AletheiaPuku! Again, the 2 kits work super well together. The box stickers from Ling's kit, and thin strips and weekly header stickers from Aletheia's kit are both super useful to me, and I love all the other stickers from their kits too. I'm currently into pastel pinks so I picked most of the pinks out for next week's planner spread (see below), but the blues and mints will definitely come in handy later on!

I love the planner pockets, but am still thinking of what to do with them. I might make a shaker with the smaller one, and stuff the larger one for my friend.

The social sticker sheet is a great addition especially for next week, and it'll apply to most of us, whether it's for BFF, lover or even family. The sticker samplers are fantastic too, I've discovered a few new Etsy sellers that I'd love to buy from!

The enamel Bows before Bros charm is really cute as well, and I'm sure it'll go well when I go for the pink/ mint combination., planner stationery subscription box, Galentine's Day

Each Galentine's Day box will come with one of these hand felted heart pom pom decorative paperclips I made. As they are all hand felted without using a mould, each love heart is unique.

I specialises in felted charms so these are a bit of a challenge. I managed to find a way to make them really sturdy, but because of the heart shape, it was tricky to get the paperclip attach properly, while allowing the clip to still function.

I have left a little message at the back of each card, advising that it's easier to attach the clip by holding on the clip part when you bend it to attach, instead of holding onto the pom pom, as it'll feel like you are peeling the pom pom off the clip (although I can assure you that it's very sturdy, so it will stay put unless you forcefully rip it off).

I haven't offered a discount code as my shop is currently on holiday mode. I used to Make to Order, but I'd really like to let people buy ready made items. It's just a bit difficult for me to stock up the shop while blogging and look after a family as well at the same time. Hopefully I can get it back up sometime soon!, planner stationery subscription box, Galentine's Day

Something else also came with the box is TheLizzuPapers' free printable "Books to Read" and "Movies to Watch" inserts in various sizes. I've given Abby the "Books to Read" printouts as she loves reading, while I filled in 2 pages (front and back) of "Movies to Watch", because there are so many awesome movies coming out this year! I also gave them stars to remind me how much I want to watch them. I have never noticed how handy these inserts can be! I have forgotten so many movie titles that we wanted to watch, so I'm really glad that this came with the box!

The Galentine's Day box is lovely and comes with quite a lot of things. My favourite are the printable inserts, sticker kits and of course my paperclip! With the items plus some washi tapes, I've decorated my Valentine's week planner spread (before pen), and I absolutely love it!, planner stationery subscription box, Galentine's Day
I made the white pom pom paperclip as well and it's very strong! Love it!
I believe that there are still some boxes left, so if you like what you see here, do quickly grab one before it's gone!