Thursday, 23 February 2017

Storks (DVD)

I can do with a second week of half term holiday! We spent half of ours being ill, with the germs doing its round in the house. Luckily there was still plenty to do, so the kids didn't create too much fuss.

Apart from catching up on the Nintendo games we love playing, we also went out to watch The LEGO Batman Movie in the cinema and Storks on DVD, both by Warner Brothers! But just because it's not as big as the LEGO Batman Movie, Storks really is one you shouldn't miss, especially if it's still half term at yours.

Half term to do, animation, Storks

Storks (pegi U, RRP £12.99) is out now on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download. It comes with different language options as well as subtitles! It also comes with a short clip - The Master, LEGO Ninjago, which is really funny as well.

Storks used to deliver babies, but they deliver packages now. However, Tulip, the human girl who is working for the Storks' delivery company, activated the old baby-making factory by accident, which produced an adorable baby girl (super adorable!). Junior, the top delivery stork who will soon become the boss of the delivery company, had no choice but to help her deliver the baby while trying to keep the incident from the management, and avoid the danger they encounter along the way.

Half term to do, animation, Storks

We absolutely love the show! We love the story, the humour, the twist! And that baby girl is one of the most adorable baby EVER! We went "Awww" so many times while watching the animation, I think it's a first! Our second favourite character is the Robins, who I'm sure will make your kids laugh out loud too!

The story is quite unique, using the tale where Storks deliver babies. Their perception of the tale is really interesting! It also sparked up a conversation between us, and we teased Clay that he was delivered by a stork too. I don't think he believed us though haha.

If you are watching this with the kids, it also sends us a message, reminding us that we should spend more time with the kids when we still can. They grow up too fast, and that cute baby moment is already gone for us. Hopefully we won't miss too much of their life!

Storks is a great animation you should definitely watch together!