Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Science Party Party Favour - Discovery Channel Cosmic Sand

I was told by parents that their kids really enjoyed Abby's Science themed birthday party as much as Abby and Clay did, which was great to hear as all the efforts have paid off! Thanks to Paladone and Jelly Belly UK, our party bag is fab! Paladone has donated a tin of Discovery Channel Cosmic Sand per party bag, which the kids really like!

Science Party, Party Bag Favour, Discovery Channel Cosmic Sand

Science Party, Party Bag Favour, Discovery Channel Cosmic Sand

We've never had anything similar at home as I'm scared of messy play and loose sand on the carpet. But it's really interesting to find out that they mostly stuck together, even though you can see the specks of sand. It's so weird that I kept staring at it up close, trying to figure out what makes the sand stick yet not sticking fully. It's very hard to describe the Cosmic Sand!

It's easier to use a mould to create something out of them, but if you try to press 2 pieces together they will loosen up and fall apart. Yet, if you press firmly, you can create a firm ball!

What we like about it is that they come in small tins (80g of cosmic sand), so you can store them away easily. Each tin is £4.99, so they will make great pocket money presents (or dare I say stocking filler? haha...) It certainly fancy up our party bag, thank you Paladone UK!

You can buy Discovery Channel Cosmic Sand now at Paladone UK's web store.