Friday, 31 March 2017

Cortex Challenge

Abby absolutely loves challenges, especially if it's STEM related. She was selected to join another 3 of her fellow school mates (1 from each junior year) to represent school to participate in a Science Challenge Event (we are so proud of her!), taking on challenges against other local primary schools, and she couldn't stop talking about it!

So when we received the Cortex Challenge card games from Esdevium Games, she kept on bugging me to let her play ("have you taken pictures yet, can I play pleassseeee...."). And I must say, she is very good at it!

Cortex Challenge, brain teaser for kids, Cortex Challenge Kids

Cortex Challenge, brain teaser for kids, Cortex Challenge Kids
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Cortex Challenge, brain teaser for kids, Cortex Challenge Kids

We were sent Cortex Challenge KIDS (RRP £12.99, suitable for 2 to 6 players), which is created for children from 6 years +, and Cortex Challenge original (RRP £12.99, suitable for 2 to 6 players), which is created for children from 8 years+, to review. There is also a Cortex Challenge GEO (RRP £12.99), which is suitable for children from 9 years+.

Each Cortex Challenge card game comes with an instruction booklet, 74 Test cards, 6 Touch Challenge cards (a total of 8 challenge type), 10 Raised Touch cards, and 6 brain jigsaws (total of 24 pieces).

To start the game, players are given time to feel the Raised Touch cards, which will then be put aside. These are set as a challenge for the winner from the previous round to do when a Touch Challenge Card appears at the top of the deck of Test cards, where they have to feel a covered Raised Touch card and guess what the picture is.

To play the game, players are to take turn to open up a Test card. It is shown on the back of the card what challenge it will be (explained in the booklet). They will then have to be the first to put their hand on the card to give an answer. If they answered right, they can keep the card, if it's wrong, they will have to return the card and are not allowed to answer in the next round.

Players can collect up to 4 Test cards, before they have to decide which Test card they have to give up (decisions decisions!). But when a player have collected 2 Test card from the same challenge, they can swap it for a brain piece. The first player who's collected all 4 brain pieces wins the game.

Cortex Challenge, brain teaser for kids, Cortex Challenge Kids

The game rules are quite easy, especially once you started playing. The hard part is to get the correct answer before other players. And this involves:

  • Spotting which image appeared most frequently in the picture
  • Which image is the odd one out
  • Clearing a maze
  • Place the correct finger from the correct hand on the right spot on your head
  • Guessing the image on a Touch card that you felt right at the beginning of the game (none of us remembered any of it haha)


The Cortex Challenge KIDS has exactly the same challenges as the original Cortex Challenge game, but with easier to spot pictures (cuter as well) and challenges. You can tell that it's too easy for me and Abby, but perfect for Clay. He can do them, but it takes him a bit longer to answer.

The original Cortex Challenge is still on the easier side for Abby, although pictures are smaller and more detailed, so it takes a bit more effort to look through them. We both (Clay didn't play) had a few wrong, but she was definitely quicker than me! I think this game will be perfect for her to take to school on Toy Days and play with her friends.

I also think that Abby will be up for being tested with Cortex Challenge GEO, and she can play it with her older cousins too.

Overall we love the Cortex Challenge card games, they are a great brain teaser and I'm sure is perfect for adults too to exercise our brains! You can buy any of the Cortex Challenge card games now from Amazon UK and all good toy stores.