Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Gazillion Giant Power Wand

Spring is here, meaning that there will be more outdoor fun to be had! On a clear, dry day, the kids love to go out and play, and it'll make their day even better if they are allowed to play with bubbles. I'm not too keen in them as the kids will usually spend ages trying to blow some bubbles out, which pops pretty quickly in their faces, meaning that I'll have 2 sloppy, soapy kids to sort out after.

Gazillion amazed me though. I saw them at the Toy Fair, and the bubbles made from the gadget was massive. It took us a while to shake it off so it'll float away, so it'll certainly not pop straight away. I immediately thought of the kids, and knew that they'll love it.

Recently they have kindly sent us their new Giant Power Wand to review, which came with their special bubble formula that allow for lots of big bubbles, and we noticed that they'll last longer in the sky too!

Bubble making machine, Gazillion Giant Power Wand, Outdoor toys

The Gazillion Giant Power Wand (RRP £12.99, suitable for age 3+) comes with a handheld motorised wand, a dish and 8oz of their Big Bubble solution, and all you need is 2 x AA batteries and weather that's good enough for the kids to go out in!

Bubble making machine, Gazillion Giant Power Wand, Outdoor toys

Bubble making machine, Gazillion Giant Power Wand, Outdoor toys

To start making giant bubbles, simply pour the solution into the dish, then dip the Gazillion Giant Power Wand in it. A useful tip is to just fill the dish up with the solution as the more solution you have, the more bubbles you get out from the wand. Don't worry about wasting anything, because the dish is designed so that you can easily pour any extras back into the bottle later.

Look at the wonderful giant bubbles the kids made!

Bubble making machine, Gazillion Giant Power Wand, Outdoor toys

You can really make very big bubbles with the Gazillion Big Bubble Solution and the Gazillion Giant Power Wand! Some of these bubbles are bigger than the kids bodies!

The bubbles are much stronger as well, so they won't pop in the kids' faces before they can fly anywhere. The kids only had to wash their hands afterwards (Abby mentioned that the bubble solution smelled very fresh) instead of their whole body! The Gazillion bubbles flew quite far, and a few even managed to make their way back to let the kids pop them!

We are quite lazy and love that the Gazillion Giant Power Wand is motorised, so the kids only need to press the button and plenty of massive bubbles will come flying out.

The Gazillion Bubble solution comes in 8oz, 2L and 4L bottles, we will certainly consider getting the 2L bottles for the warmer weather (I don't think we can handle 4L bottles very well!), which I think are quite reasonably priced.

You should check out other Gazillion Bubbles gadgets (Argos) too, I'm really tempted to get the Gazillion Bump 'n' Go Bubble Bot, which will blow bubbles while on the go!

You can buy Gazillion products online and in stores now.