Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Smart Eggs Labyrinth Puzzle

Whilst visiting Esdevium Games' Toy Fair stand, I saw a range of "toy eggs" neatly featured in one of their sections. There is something about "ornamented eggs" that always make me stop and stare at them, especially really pretty ones.

Apparently they are called Smart Eggs, and they aren't just there to look pretty! Every single one of them is a different labyrinth, and you have to guide the included wand through them from the top to the bottom. It sounded easy enough, but there are a lot going on inside the eggs that made them way more challenging!

I always love a good brain teasing game, especially the ones which trains your patience as well, as we can never have enough of those for the kids! So I was absolutely delighted when we received the nicely designed Smart Eggs (we especially love the dragons!) from Esdevium Games, thank you!

Smart Eggs, maze, labyrinth puzzle game

There are 2 types of Smart Eggs: the smaller ones (1 layer) and the bigger ones (2 layers), and each comes with a wand (the big Smart Eggs come with a stand as well). The big Smart Eggs has another labyrinth inside them, which you can turn and move up and down to change the path, hence 2 layers.

Either size will only have 1 start (the top), 1 end (the bottom) and 1 path (no dead ends).

Smart Eggs, maze, labyrinth puzzle game

There are currently 12 x 1 layer Smart Eggs and 3 x 2 layer Smart Eggs, each have a completely different labyrinth and difficulty. So just because you cracked one egg (how can I resist?), doesn't mean that you have mastered them all.

We were sent the following Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzles:

1 Layer (small, RRP £5.99, suitable for age 6+)
- Level I-11 Dino
- Level I-12 Robo

2 Layers (large, RRP £11.99, suitable for age 8+)
- Level II-09 Blue Dragon
- Level II-47 Black Dragon

The price is very reasonable, and even if you cracked the egg, doesn't mean that you'll definitely get it the second time. When you do, you can always challenge yourself further by cracking them (it's getting old but I couldn't find a better word for it) with a time limit, so I think that the Smart Eggs are definitely value for money, and with so many designs, they'll make great collectibles too.

Smart Eggs, maze, labyrinth puzzle game

Smart Eggs, maze, labyrinth puzzle game

As I said, there is something about the egg shape that makes us want to go for it. The kids just couldn't resist them and have been trying to work the puzzles before and after dinner, which is usually their TV time. No complains from me there!

Both me and Abby found Robo (level I-12) easier than Dino (level I-11), so even if you can't do the easier Smart Egg, give another one a try, you might just click with it better.

Clay wanted to have a go as well, and he went straight for the Black Dragon (current highest level out of all the Smart Eggs!) because he absolutely loved the design. We convinced him to try one of the 1 layer Smart Egg, it's easier for his small hand to hold as well. He's been stealing them from my "To Review" corner ever since!

Smart Eggs, maze, labyrinth puzzle game

After trying out Robo, and failing at Dino (we'll try again of course!), Abby had a go at the Blue Dragon. She got stuck and asked me to help her remove the wand for her when I announced that it was bedtime. Somehow I think that she knew I wouldn't help her if she has asked me to help her complete the puzzle instead of helping her remove the wand!

Anyway. I thought that I can just trace my way up, but it really isn't one straight forward egg! And once I started, I just couldn't stop, so I ended up fiddling with it while getting the kids ready for bed, and only cracked it after they fell asleep!

I can understand why the wand is made out of metal instead of plastic like for the 1 layer Smart Eggs. For those who get easily frustrated, they might just break the wand! I had lots of fun though, and the sense of achievement I got! Ahhh!

I am looking forward to play with the Black Dragon, but I just need to make sure that I have all the time to crack it, because I know that once I start, I won't be putting it down until I get it! Even Abby couldn't wait to show them off at her class' Show and Tell session!

If you like a brain teaser as well, I highly recommend a Smart Egg! You can buy them from Waterstone and Amazon UK now (as well as other places).