Thursday, 11 May 2017

Crazy Creation with Num Noms Series 3

Have you been collecting the new Num Noms (series 3)? We had so much fun with these yummy smelling and adorable looking squishy collectibles! You can find our Num Noms series 3 and Lights series 1 launch post and what we did for Pancake Day with them (yum yum) in our previous post.

We've accepted a new challenge this time, to get inspired by the Num Noms series 3 and create a Num Noms Crazy Creation recipe! For the challenge, we've received:

Num Noms series 3 Lunchbox pack
Num Noms series 3 Marshamallows Starter Pack
Num Noms Series 3 Mystery Pack

to give us enough inspiration, as well as 2 chefs hats for the kids.

Num Noms series 3 collection, Num Noms Crazy Creation, Collectible scented toys

Num Noms series 3 collection, Num Noms Crazy Creation, Collectible scented toys

You can find our full review for the Num Noms series 3 Lunchbox packs through our series 3 launch and pancake day posts (links above). We adore the starter packs too, especially when they came into cute lunchboxes! These marshmallows looks divine, and it comes with an marshmallow Eraser Nom too.

We've received the Cheesy Burito Num from a mystery pack before, but the Nom is new to our collection. And here is our Num Noms series 3 collection, with a few missing:

Num Noms series 3 collection, Num Noms Crazy Creation, Collectible scented toys

We have plenty of inspiration for any yummy food, but it was definitely more challenging this time because we have to create something entirely new and obviously crazy! So I scrapped the original idea of a stir fry veg and Blueberry Ice-cream Banana Split (although this will be perfect for the kids to make), because although they will no doubt be delicious, it's just not crazy enough!

To make it easier, I limited the Num Noms ingredient I'll be using to Fruits only. And what goes better with fruit other than a savoury meat! We already know that ketchup and pineapple works well in the Chinese Takeaway Favourite - Sweet and Sour Chicken, and the French likes their duck with orange - Duck l'Orange. But what will be fruity, delicious yet crazy enough?

And we came up with...

Strawberries! With yummy ribs!

Unfortunately after doing a search online, it appeared that I'm not an inventor, and plenty of people have done it before! But hey! I did came up with it myself, and I also whipped up the recipe myself based on what I would do with other pork rib dishes. And it is crazy! So that counts for something right?

The result?

A finger licking good Strawberry Nom Ribs! (Funny how we kept missing the strawberry Nums from series 3, and only found half a strawberry Nom from the duo lip gloss haha)

You can more or less get the kids involved for this recipe too, by cleaning and cutting strawberries and preparing the strawberry glaze!

I think the Strawberry Nom Ribs is perfect for the meat and Strawberry season, its salty, sweet and sour flavours will work extremely well at a BBQ!

Here is the recipe:

Pack of Pork Ribs (ideally tenderised)

3 Tablespoon Light Soya Sauce
1 teaspoon Honey
1 teaspoon Salt
3 teaspoon Corn Starch/ Corn Flour

I didn't have a suitable liqueur, but if I do I would add a dash of strawberry/ rose/ lychee liqueur in here

Strawberry Glaze:
3 Tablespoon Strawberry Jam (the higher the fruit content the better)
2 Tablespoon White Wine/ Rice Vinegar
1 Tablespoon Dark Soya Sauce
1 teaspoon Light Soya Sauce
Salt and Sugar to adjust seasoning

Fresh Strawberries

1. Marinate the ribs, cover and set aside in the fridge for about 15 minutes

2. Mix the ingredients for the glaze, except the last one - salt and sugar

For Air Fryer users, set temperature to 180०C, and fry the ribs in batches for 8 to 10 minutes each batch (depending on how meaty the ribs are).
Otherwise deep fat fry until golden brown and cooked
Or place them on a barbie!

4. Transfer the ribs to a hot wok or large saute pan and stir fry the ribs with the strawberry jam glaze to give them a good coating. Turn the fire to the lowest and adjust flavouring according to your taste.

5. Plate up and garnish with strawberries. They will take on the meaty sauce without further cooking.

And enjoy!

Now what shall we try next, melon and chicken, or Vimto/ Ribena pork? Or even marshmallow fish?!