Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Num Noms Series 3 Lunchboxes

I love it when companies put effort in their packagings, especially when it's relevant, cute and reusable. Num Noms packaging has always been cute, but they have really done it with series 3 as they come in the most fitting lunchbox shaped packaging that you can reuse to store your Num Noms collection or other cute things. The deluxe packs even allow you to take them around in the form of travel cases.

The starter packs comes in lunch trays shaped packaging, just like the ones that keeps pastas and sushi! We were sent 2 of the starter packs (and kept the trays for storing our favourite things of course) and they look absolutely delicious:

Scented Collectibles, Num Noms, kawaii cute toys

Scented Collectibles, Num Noms, kawaii cute toys

We were sent Num Noms series 3 Marshmallows and Hard Candies Starter Packs (RRP £8.99), which are available online and in all good toy stores (there are some yummy deals around too!). We have featured the Marshmallows starter pack in our Num Noms Crazy Creation post, where you can see the majority of our cute series 3 collection as well.

The marshmallows are adorable and smells really sweet, but we do love the Hard Candies more!

Scented Collectibles, Num Noms, kawaii cute toys

Each starter pack comes with either an eraser or stamp Nom. The Marshmallows starter pack comes with a marshmallow eraser (which is too cute to use!) and the Hard Candies comes with a mouth watering watermelon stamp, perfect for the hot summer days!

The kids couldn't wait to play with their latest Num Noms addition:

Scented Collectibles, Num Noms, kawaii cute toys

And that's before we took our whole Num Noms collection out to play! Num Noms is definitely the collection that the kids never get bored of. They always get played with!

Series 3 does not end here however, there will be more cute characters to join the collection, and we can't wait to get our hands on them!