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Dixit Story Telling Game Review and Giveaway

I have to admit that I absolutely love Esdevium Games as they distribute all our family favourites - Risk, Catan and Carcassonne (as well as many others), and there are plenty more for us to discover too, such as Dixit, published by Libellud, where players take turn to play as a storyteller.

Dixit story telling game, family board game, card game for kids

Dixit story telling game, family board game, card game for kids

Dixit story telling game, family board game, card game for kids

Dixit (RRP £29.99, suitable for players 8 years+ and requires 3 to 6 players to play) comes with a scoreboard, 6 wooden rabbits, 84 illustrated cards, 36 voting tokens (6 for each playing colour) and instructions.

Dixit game is a beautifully illustrated story telling game, where each player takes turn to play as the storyteller. They take a card from their own hand and tell a brief story (this can be a sentence, a phrase, a word or even a sound) based on the card, without letting others see it.

Other players will have to choose a card from their own hand that fits the story the most, keeping it facedown, and have the chosen cards by each player including the storyteller's one, shuffled together.

These cards will then be revealed on the table and verbally numbered, and players except the storyteller will have to use their voting token to vote for the card that they think is the storyteller's.

Each player will then be scored accordingly, with the wooden rabbits keeping score for each round. The next round begins with everyone replacing their used cards from a separate deck, and the game finishes when the cards are all used.

The player with most scores wins the game.

Dixit story telling game, family board game, card game for kids

Dixit story telling game, family board game, card game for kids

Dixit story telling game, family board game, card game for kids

The quality of the cards and tokens are great, and the illustration on the cards are beautiful. The cards are much bigger than normal playing cards, which presented the illustrations well. The above picture shows some of my favourite illustrations!

I also love the scoreboard and the bunnies, but I think if they are made a bit thicker, the game will be perfect, as ours toppled over quite a number of times.

Dixit story telling game, family board game, card game for kids

Although it's a story telling game, I do agree that it's more suitable for players above 8 years old, because it's harder for 6 years old Clay to describe something that is hard for others to guess (the innocence!). He accidentally flaunted his card to us a few times as well (me and Abby had to cover our faces to keep the game challenging haha), and he is also a bit confused with how to vote with his tokens. He did manage to guess the correct card a few times towards the end though!

Abby initially gave too much details about her card in her story, but as soon as she got the hang of the game, she used more cryptic descriptions. Her favourite is to describe using a single sound!

Overall the game is quite fun and you can play it peacefully without too much craziness going on. The game is playable with 3 players, but it'll be more fun with more than 4 players to play. The game is beautiful, and you can be as creative and imaginative as you want with your description.

Even though Clay is still half unsure about how to play the game, both kids quite like it, and I think it's a great game to calm the kids down! It'll certainly come in handy over the Summer holidays!

You can buy Dixit now online and in all good game stores, there is a wide range of expansions for it too.

But here I have an opportunity for you to win a Dixit original!

Good luck and have a lovely Friday! xx

Prize: Dixit Game (original) x 1

Giveaway ends: Sunday 6th August 2017 Midnight (where 00:01am is Monday)

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