Sunday, 9 July 2017

John Adams - Giggle Wiggle Game

With Summer holidays coming up in 2 weeks time, and 5 weeks of having the kids around with nothing much to do, I'm trying to plan ahead and find as many things for the kids to do as possible to keep them quiet. I mean, entertained. Of course.

I saw John Adams' Giggle Wiggle game at the Toy Fair back in January, and I knew immediately that the kids will love it. So when it's finally out and we were given the opportunity to review it, I quickly said yes. It will be the perfect game to bring lots of giggles in the summer holidays, which will (hopefully) cut down the amount of time when they get on each other's (and my) nerves.

Giggle Wiggle game, children party game, Fun game for kids

Giggle Wiggle game, children party game, Fun game for kids

Giggle Wiggle Game by John Adams (RRP £24.99, suitable for age 4+ and requires 2 to 4 players) comes with a base that require 3 x AA batteries (not included), Giggle Wiggle, 28 balls in 4 colours (7 balls each), stickers and instructions.

I love it when companies leave decoration to the kids! After having fun decorating Giggle Wiggle and a quick set up (placing coloured balls in each trays at the base), the game begins when the green button on the base is pressed (To reset the music, simply press on the reset button on the bottom of the base).

Players have to race against each other and be the first to place all their coloured balls on the dancing Giggle Wiggle (from bottom to top) to win the game. The kids decided that they will take 2 colours each to play, which you can see in this video:

The salsa tune is quite cheerful and Giggle Wiggle's laughter is really funny! I think if it's amongst children between age 4 to 7 they will fully enjoy the fun that Giggle Wiggle game provides. However, even though the game is a bit too easy for Abby, she still found Giggle Wiggle funny!

The game is simple to play and brings plenty of giggles around. It's colourful with a cheerful tune, pairing it with a dancing catepillar makes it a perfect game for young children.

You can get Giggle Wiggle game now in all good toy stores (SMYTHS Toys and Toys R Us to name a few) and online as well.