Wednesday, 5 July 2017

LED Fidget Widget Spinner

Since Summer when the fidget toy just came out, Abby has been wanting one, but I wanted to find one that's really cool (but not ridiculously expensive) to give it to her. When we heard about Fidget Widget Spinner's LED version, I immediately knew that is the one she will love!

The LED Fidget Widget Spinner (suitable for 3 years +) cost £4.99 each, and comes in 5 different colours - black, blue, red, green and white. We were sent the really gorgeous white to review!

It comes with 3 individual LED light buttons, and each will flash in 3 different modes (same for all 3 buttons). The batteries are included and can be replaced with CR1620 batteries (instructions included as well). To activate each light, simply press on the buttons. Press again to change modes, and a final press to turn them off again. You can see the video below for a demonstration.

How cool is that?! The lights make the white spinning Fidget Widget Spinner look mesmerising! Abby only showed you how the it looks when it's spinning with 4 different light combinations (all 3 lights on in mode 1, mode 2, mode 3, and 1 light on only using mode 3). With different combinations, you can create lots of different light effects, to make fidget spinning even more fun!

The LED lights are actually brighter than in the video, so you can still see the effect during the day. The casing quality is good with a good weight to the spinner as well. Although it's £3 more than Fidget Widget Spinner's own standard fidget spinners (£1.99 each), you get 3 separately controlled LED light buttons, with each having 3 different light up mode, you have more ways to play, and that to me makes it value for money.

Overall we are very happy with our white LED Fidget Widget Spinner, and the kids can't wait to learn to do more tricks with it! You can now buy Fidget Widget Spinners (LED and standard versions) from their online store.