Friday, 7 July 2017

The Original MOKURU Desk Fidgeting Toy

We joined the fidget spinner craze a few months later, and while we are still trying to master a few tricks, we were given the opportunity to be one of the first in the UK to join in the latest craze in Japan - MOKURU!

fidget toy, Mokuru stick desk toy, toy for all ages

Launching today in the UK (available at SMYTHS Toys and Amazon UK), MOKURU (RRP £9.99, suitable for 3 years+) is a wooden desk toy, engineered to create a perfect balance to test a person's focus, while helping them destress. With new tricks created, it is now a toy that test people's fast fidgeting skill!

The original (there are a lot of fake ones out there that won't give you the satisfaction of its perfect balance and quality, so make sure you get an original MOKURU) MOKURU is made out of beech wood into a cool design. We certainly love the black and red combination that we were sent to review! There are other colours available as well - Black (Genbu), Green (Matcha), Orange (Kirin), White (Byakko), Red (Suzaku), Blue (Seiryu) and yellow (Inazuma).

fidget toy, Mokuru stick desk toy, toy for all ages

To play, simply place the MOKURU standing up on the table, and pushing it to make it flip and turn, while you stop them at the right time. Here is a YouTube demo by Abby, where she learned some tricks from MOKURU's YouTube video:

She tried to engage Clay, but it was his first attempt with the MOKURU so he didn't manage to catch it. He's certainly interested in it though and they are both practising some new tricks together.

It is certainly a toy that you can play together with others, and if you have more than one MOKURU, like the fidget spinner, you can play even more tricks with them!

MOKURU is already a big hit in many places around the world, and now you can join in with the new craze too!