Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Turning part of our Garden into an Outdoor Play Area

After 3 years of trying to get our garden fixed and change it from a giant muddy puddle where grass dies every Winter, to one that the kids can run and stomp on (that was a long battle we wouldn't want to fight in again. Ever.), we can finally work on turning this healthy grass field into a living space:

Apart from putting up a shed and patio, we have been working on several ideas for the rest of the garden (we love grass, but not that much!). One thing that came to mind is an outdoor play area for the kids.

We could take the kids to a park or an outdoor playground, but there are times where we just can't go away. Letting them go on their own is definitely not an option either. With a play area in our own garden however, the kids can go out and play even when we can't take them out. We'll also know that they will be safe, so we won't need to keep an eagle eye on them at all times.

Honestly speaking, I'm more an indoor person, and wouldn't really mind the kids to be the same, purely for my own selfish reasons. I do however think that they look much happier, energised and healthier (less grumpy and whiny too) after a run in a playground, and there is the benefit of absorbing the essential vitamin D as well.

With a playground in our own garden, I can still be that indoor person, while they enjoy the fresh air and fun outside. I'll also have the benefit of sending them out while I need to focus on some me time WORK. I mean work.

The next question was what to get to create said outdoor play area that has plenty of fun elements for the kids to play in, but won't send us living on the street, like this one:

LEGOland Windsor Castaway Camp
I had a look around for outdoor play equipment, and although we've seen quite a bit at our school, we haven't seen half of it!

I think playground markings, perhaps a more complicated version of Hop Scotch is a must, and it'll be the cheapest too. The kids love monkey bars, but anything more complicated and I'll be wondering if I need to keep an eye on them. I'd also love to include a play house and perhaps a slide too to make it more fun.

Instead of letting them get all muddy on the grass, or hurt themselves on a stone surface, we might consider some proper playground surfaces as well. My favourite would be artificial grass, but will that look a bit weird in the middle of a real turf?

With the basic idea in mind, I'm sure we'll get a fun playground for the kids soon. Maybe I should let them loose and paint the equipment themselves too.

Or maybe not.

Hopefully our project won't take too long, so that we can finally enjoy the garden fully next Summer (I vaguely remember saying the same thing every year)!