Friday, 25 August 2017

The Rocket Singing Machine

Do you love Karaoke? We do! We used to go out to Karaoke places (you get to sing in individual rooms and order snacks and drinks!) in S.E Asia and sing our hearts out. We even bought a pair of microphones and a singing machine a couple of years ago so that we can sing at home, but the microphone's heavy and thick cables were a pain to sort out.

When the opportunity to review Character Options' latest gadget - The Rocket Singing Machine, which is wireless, came up, we applied as soon as we could because it sounded awesome, and it really is awesome!

wireless singing machine, The Rocket Mic, Karaoke Microphone for kids

The Rocket Singing Machine (RRP £29.99, target age is from 6 to 15, but I'm sure children as young as 4 and adults will be happy to sing with it too!) has the following features:

Comes in 3 colours: pink, white and purple (purple might be an exclusive colour to Toys R Us, I'm not 100% sure)
Wireless (requires 3 x AAA batteries to operate, which is sold separately) through Bluetooth connection
Comes with Volume and Echo control
Comes with Speaker
Base will light up
Can be connected to Apple's Siri
Cool sound effect when it's switched on, switched off, and when it is connected to your gadget (see video clips below)

wireless singing machine, The Rocket Mic, Karaoke Microphone for kids

wireless singing machine, The Rocket Mic, Karaoke Microphone for kids

When the Rocket Singing Machine (the Rocket) is switched on by press-and-holding onto the power button, the mic, volume and echo controls, as well as the light will be activated and you can use it on its own for things like beatboxing or acapella singing (or get the kids' attention like me).

Once connected to your gadget (tablet for example) by turning on your Bluetooth on the tablet and choosing the Rocket from the options (the Rocket's sound effect will inform you that it is connected successfully), the speaker will also take over the sound from the tablet, so both the music from the tablet and your voice from the mic will be playing together from the Rocket you are holding! We think that it's really cool!

You can adjust the volume of the music through the tablet, and the volume for the microphone through the Rocket itself.

wireless singing machine, The Rocket Mic, Karaoke Microphone for kids

The Kids had so much fun singing! We kept going until the brand new batteries were completely drained, and decided to buy some rechargables just for it!

To be honest, we weren't expecting much from the microphone and speaker sound quality, after all it's classed as a musical toy for kids. So we were really impressed with it after trying it out! It's of course not the same as singing in the pub or in a Karaoke lounge where they have the full sound system, but for a singing machine this small, wireless and can be connected to a tablet or phone, this is really awesome!

We have thought of getting another one, and although only 1 can be paired with the tablet to play the music, both will be able to sing together (it's just not the same without a mic!), so it's definitely worth considering!

The only problem will be the batteries, so I'd highly recommend getting rechargables for it. I also noticed that we spent a long time choosing our songs while the mic stays on! So the best thing to do is to have a list of songs ready before you connect the mic. It's also more fun this way as you can sing one song after another without pausing!

Note: You don't really need to hold on to the microphone part of the Rocket, but it's a habit we do with all the microphones. It just make us feel like our voice is more focused into it.

wireless singing machine, The Rocket Mic, Karaoke Microphone for kids

On a side note, The Rocket Wireless Singing Machine is looking for a star! If you know any children who are interested, simply send in their best singing video to the Rocket Star Competition! For more details visit Good luck!