Friday, 15 September 2017

Chocolate Sprinkle Stix Kit by John Adams

The kids had so much fun with John Adams' latest food-craft kit - Chocolate Sprinkle Stix! It's been voted as one of the Best New Toys (Creative category) at the London Toy Fair this year, where I first saw the demonstration, and I'm glad that we got an opportunity to try it ourselves. I had to tell the kids to stop making and eating their creation to save space for dinner!

For the review, John Adams' PR team has kindly sent us everything we need with the Chocolate Sprinkle Stix kit: bread sticks, edible sprinkles and chocolate for melting. You'll need these too if you are to make your own yummy Chocolate Sprinkle Stix.

Kitchen appliance for kids, CHocolate Sprinkle Stix Maker, Party Food Ideas

Kitchen appliance for kids, CHocolate Sprinkle Stix Maker, Party Food Ideas

The Chocolate Sprinkle Stix kit (£21.99, suitable for children age 6 years+) comes with:

  • Base Unit (with detachable Sprinkle Dome Base and Spinner)
  • Chocolate Melter (with detachable Plug to seal the water in and Chocolate Melting Lid)
  • Sprinkle Dome Lid
  • Funnel
  • Sprinkle Tray (with 3 compartments)
  • Display Stand (4 slots)
  • Breadstick Holders x 4
  • Stirrer (for chocolate melting) and Spoon (to scoop sprinkles)
  • Instruction Sheet

Apart from the ingredients, you'll also need 2 x AA batteries and hot water (with an adult's help)

Like all John Adams' food craft, the quality of the kit is durable in a fun colour theme.

Kitchen appliance for kids, CHocolate Sprinkle Stix Maker, Party Food Ideas

Kitchen appliance for kids, CHocolate Sprinkle Stix Maker, Party Food Ideas

The process, in simple terms, of making yummy Chocolate Sprinkle Stix is easy: Melt some chocolate, dip a bread stick into the chocolate, then place it into the sprinkle dome. Add some sprinkles, then press the button to get it coated nice and evenly with sprinkles, and enjoy!

In detail, with some of our thoughts and tips:

First, set up the Chocolate Sprinkle Stix kit (you can slot the sprinkles tray and the display stand on the side of the base unit if you like) and place the ingredients nearby.

Chocolate Melting:
Fill the chocolate melter with hot (not boiling) water by pouring it slowly into the hole between the walls, while keeping the middle compartment completely dry (to ensure your chocolate won't crumble as they hate water!). Put the plug in to contain the water and you are ready to melt some yummy chocolate!

I have always been impressed with John Adams' food-craft kits that comes with a chocolate melter (in different sizes and shapes). They are very clever and allow children to melt chocolate safely and beautifully!

Do try to fill the chocolate melter with melted chocolate so you'll get more chocolate coated on the bread sticks.

The chocolate melting lid will ensure that just enough chocolate will be coated on the bread stick as it'll scrape some of the chocolate off the stick when you pull it out. You can remove the lid and give the bread sticks a thicker coating, but they might make the sprinkle process a bit more messy, especially if you let the bread stick rest on the spinner (chocolate will then spin off the stick!).

We didn't realise we should be turning the funnel around to seal the hole (that's for not reading the instructions fully), so sprinkles has been flying out of the funnel when the base unit was on. Do make sure that the bread stick holder seals the top of the dome completely as well.

I think our bread sticks were a little bit too thin (although very yummy) so they slid out from the holder, so make sure you buy the shorter and fatter bread sticks for this. There is also a guideline on the instruction sheet that shows you what the suitable length of the bread stick should be, should you need to break them into size.

Get Creative:
You can use all sorts of edible sprinkles that are out there, even edible glitter and coloured sugar, and I think you can even use little icing decorations too. You can also use assorted chocolate here, or Candy Melts for colours. The kids can really get creative with it to make some really good looking Chocolate Sprinkle Stix, although I'm not sure whether they'll last long enough for the display!

Kitchen appliance for kids, CHocolate Sprinkle Stix Maker, Party Food Ideas

Kitchen appliance for kids, CHocolate Sprinkle Stix Maker, Party Food Ideas

Some of the kids comments are:

"Wow this is so cool!"
"I love the sound it makes!" (the sprinkles will rattle around. Watch the above video with sound)
"Ooo this is so fun!"
"It's really yummy!"
"Mummy try it it's really good!" (while sticking a stix right between my eyes)
"Can I make another one please??"

They enjoyed it so much they wanted all of us to try it, so they saved one (just the one, mind you) for daddy, who was working late. It must have taken them a lot of effort not to eat the lone stix sitting on the display stand, because none of the others lasted for more than a second outside the sprinkler.

I think that the Chocolate Sprinkle Stix is very easy to set up, easy to wash, the kids love it, and it'll be perfect for a play date or parties. It also contains the mess within the small area (unless someone decided to unlock the sprinkle dome), so it's good for parents like me who can't handle mess.

The Chocolate Sprinkle Stix is entering into the BlogOn Toy Awards, which sees the best toys voted by parenting bloggers at the BlogOn Christmas event next Sunday, and I'll be attending too. Good luck John Adams!

If you like the Chocolate Sprinkle Stix kit, you don't have to wait for that long as it's already available in all good toy stores and online now.