Thursday, 21 September 2017

How to choose the Right Car for You and Your Family

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Yes, you might love your little run around, but with a growing family and different needs, does your current motor really cut it? Choosing the right car for you and your family signals change. Yet, change need not be a bad thing, nor does it mean that you have to sacrifice on style, elegance and speed. There are a huge variety of larger cars on the market to accommodate yourself, a growing family and even the dog, all fitted with the latest mod cons and ultra-modern technology. So don’t feel overwhelmed. Choosing the right car for you and your family should be a fun experience, read on to find out how to make the perfect choice for you and your family. Visit Honda Edinburgh to see a range of cars will suit your needs.

Is it kid proof?
Of course, having built in televisions and a state-of- the-art music system are ideal, but do be realistic when choosing a car that will accommodate both you and your kids. Buttons and dials are attractive to little hands, not to mention fiddly. Interiors could soon become sticky and difficult to clean if juice and snacks are spilt. Make sure that any model that you choose is easy enough to childproof and be sure to factor in space for a car seat, if your children are younger. Don’t forget to check safety ratings and take the time to do your research when choosing the right car for you and your brood, you will be able to find this online or if you decide to visit a dealership.

Mileage and fuel costs
Yes, it might be the most beautiful motor that you’ve ever seen, but choosing a car with poor fuel efficiency will be damaging to you and your bank balance in the long term. Not only does poor fuel efficiency mean that you will have to refuel much more often, it will also see you spend more on petrol as a result. Do read into how many miles your car of choice can do on a full tank and take time to compare this with other more similar models. You could be pleasantly surprised, and find something cheaper and comparable, with a better fuel efficiency rating.

Ease of use
If you can afford it, do invest in those little luxuries to make your driving experience a lot more pleasurable. From reversing sensors to a swish audio system, remember you are buying your car to make that transition into parenthood a lot more straightforward. There’s no shame in keeping with the times - you are the driver after all. Ease of use and safety should be top of your priorities – and will make any long journeys with the kids a lot more pleasant as a result.

So if you’ve done your homework and found your ideal vehicle, then driving your new motor home will soon be a reality.

Disclosure: This is a collaborated guest post