Friday, 1 September 2017

Photo App - Gallerist

I love exploring on the Internet for pictures, not just to see them from people I follow, but also from others to get inspirations from what they do or make (I love crafting, but seriously lack creativity!), as well as learning how to take great shots. People say that the more I see, the more I'll know what styles I like.

Sometimes great illustrations or photos pop up in my search, which I'd love to buy for personal use, but I have to pop over to different places to buy things, which tend to put me off from buying any. If only if everything is in one place so I can browse and add each to my shopping basket until I'm ready to checkout. It'll be great if I can communicate with the photographers/ artists too for questions or even custom orders.

I was recently introduced to an app called Gallerist (available for free on iOS and Android) that does exactly that. Not only can you buy photos and artworks all in one place, comment and like images, and even chat privately with sellers, you can also be a seller yourself! You might not think that your pictures are great, but different people in the world look for different things, and your photo might just be something someone is looking for!

Gallerist, photo app, buy and sell photos and artwork

The Gallerist app is free to download, and you just need to log in (through Facebook or Twitter if you can't be bothered to create a login like me) to start exploring others' images:

Gallerist, photo app, buy and sell photos and artwork

There are plenty of pretty pictures listed already, some very similar to what I'd love to see, and in a very user-friendly community-like environment too. I can easily like the pictures without being diverted to other pages.

I can also browse images that are on sale in a separate section (there is a section for auctioned images too), like the following photo:

Gallerist, photo app, buy and sell photos and artwork

Which I think is stunning and has lots of potential to be used for work or personal projects. Although I do think it's a bit expensive. Prices aren't always that high however, some are selling for $1 that aren't bad at all).

If there are too many images and you feel a bit overwhelmed, you can also search for a particular word to see the images you like, such as "beach".

I had a go at uploading pictures myself too and checked out the selling procedure:

Gallerist, photo app, buy and sell photos and artwork

It's quite straightforward to upload pictures and selling them, although it does require you to have a PayPal account that accept Euros trading. It would be quite exciting if someone bought my shots, you'll never know what will appeal to different people!

Although there are plenty of users already, I'd definitely love to see more illustrations. I'm a bit lazy and would love everything in one place, and what better than an app where you can buy photos, artwork as well as illustrations?

Overall I think this is an app full of potential, and is definitely a great place for people to sell their own shots or even artwork, while exploring and chatting with other photographers and artists.

If you want to find out more about Gallerist, you can check out their Facebook page here.