Friday, 10 November 2017

Imaginext DC Super Friends RC Mobile Command Centre

Last year Clay reviewed Fisher-Price's Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batcave, which is one of his favourite toy. He has been slowly expanding his collection, so when he was offered the opportunity to review the latest Imaginext DC Super Friends set Remote Control Command Centre, he was over the moon!

He has been asking me every day whether I had taken pictures of the playset yet as he was eager to play with it. He wasn't expecting the amazing features that came with the vehicle though!

Imaginext DC Super Friends RC Mobile Command Centre before and after unboxing

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends RC Mobile Command Centre (RRP £69.99, suitable for 3 years +) comes with Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman, the mobile command centre and remote control that is shaped like Batman's bat logo.

The remote control takes 2 x AAA batteries and the mobile command centre takes 6 x AA batteries, which are all included. The mobile command centre also comes with light and sound (over 75 sounds and phrases).

Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman

We have collected a few Imaginext DC Super Friends Batmans now as each playset comes with one but in different styles. The Batman that came with the mobile command centre looked like he's ready for action!

black batman logo looking remote control 4 blue buttons, remote control attachable to the back of the command centre

Remote Control
As a parent, I found the idea of able to attach the remote control to the back of the command centre absolutely brilliant so your child won't have to turn the house upside down to look for it.

The remote control has 4 buttons to control the mobile command centre. It can make it move straight ahead, reverse while turning, opening the mobile command centre and lifting the Batwing launcher, lowering the Batwing launcher and the last button is to launch Batwing (see video clip below for demonstrations)! I wasn't expecting this feature at all and thought that the remote control, like many other RC vehicles, controls the drive of the vehicle only. It is a very exciting feature and I knew instantly that both the kids will love it!

4 picture collage showing how the command centre looks like opened up
Note that Imaginext DC Super Villain Bane is in the picture for demonstration only and is not included in this playset

Command Centre featuring other Imaginext characters
Note that Imaginext DC Super Friends Robin is in the picture
for demonstration only and is not included in this set

Command Centre's Batwing Launcher

Mobile Command Centre
There is a switch underneatth the front of the mobile command centre to turn it on/ off.

When the mobile command centre opens up, you will find a jail, projectile launcher with 2 projectiles, cockpit, and the Batwing launcher, now raised and lit up (pretty blue lights). It has a lot of space, and pins indicate places where you can attach Imaginext DC Super Friends characters (it is said that you can fit the entire Justice League team on it!)

Batwing Launcher
Batwing can be attached on top of the launcher, but to launch it, you'll have to lock-and-load it by sliding it down the chute. You can then launch it either by pressing the red button at the base of the launcher or press the button on the remote control. It will then count down and launch the Batwing!

It's a very impressive launch too, watch the video clip below for the demonstration (you'll see me adjusting the mobile command centre so that it doesn't fire out of sight. No pets were harmed in the making of the clip!):

Abby and Clay launching Batwing

The Batwing flew so far! Both the kids had lots of fun with it and have been taking turn to launch Batwing. The light and sound made it extra awesome!

We are really impressed with the number of features that comes with the Imaginext DC Super Friends Mobile Command Centre. Being a remote control vehicle is already an amazing addition to the already fantastic Imaginext DC Super Friends range. The Batwing launcher definitely topped it, and Clay can now launch Batwing to catch Joker and Bane!

Although Clay loves the Batcave, the RC Mobile Command Centre has now become his favourite from the range. They both have their own great features though and Clay can direct more scenes too with both.

We really think that the mobile command centre will be the perfect gift this year for little fans! You can find the Imaginext RC vehicle online and in stores now.