Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Addo Play Nickelodeon Bobble It Fancy Flowers set and Glow in the Dark Liquid Lava Putty in Screaming Green

We loved Addo Play's Nickelodeon Liquid Lava Putty (watch Abby and Clay unbox and play the Liquid Laval Putty Colour Illusion and Bright Colours on YouTube) and think that they will make great stocking fillers for this Christmas for the slime lovers. Addo Play has another product that makes a very interesting crafting material - Nickelodeon's Bobble It, which is seen as a type of slime as well as it can be played like a slime before you use it to craft and leave to dry.

Addo Play Nickelodeon Bobble It Flower and Vase Kit, Addo Play Nickelodeon Liquid Lava Putty Glow in the Dark in Screaming Green

Addo Play has kindly sent us their Nickelodeon Liquid Lava Putty Glow in the Dark slime in Screaming Green as well as their Nickelodeon Bobble It Fancy Flowers set to review. They are exactly what Abby and Clay loves and they had a lot of fun playing with them!

Because we all know that slime and putties eventually will dry up, I thought perhaps we can use some of the Liquid Lava Putty to make a Glow in the Dark flower, so maybe reviewing the 2 products together will be a great idea.

What I didn't factor in is that the Liquid Lava Putty stays soft for a VERY LONG time. Especially if you put it near the heater. So, although my idea was plausible and would have made a really nice flower and vase, ours didn't turn out very well. We still had fun nonetheless, and because Abby dried her half glow in the dark butterfly somewhere else in the house, it was a successful experiment, which you can see towards the end of this post.

Addo Play Nickelodeon Liquid Lava Putty Colour Illusion Galactic Green, Liquid Lava Putty Bright Colours Flame Orange, Liquid Lava Putty Glow in the Dark Screaming Green

Liquid Lava Putty Glow in the Dark Screaming Green glowing in the dark and being poked at to show texture

Abby showing how stretchy the Liquid Lava Putty Glow in the Dark Screaming Green is

We have loved the Nickelodeon Liquid Lava Putty Colour Illusion and Bright Colours range, and found out that they each have a different texture and smell, but they were equally stretchy.

The Liquid Lava Putty Glow in the Dark in Screaming Green (RRP £5 per 50g tin, suitable for 3 years +) has the texture of the Bright Colour range, a bit more rubbery, drier than the Colour Illusion, but still extremely stretchy (see pictures above). There is hardly any smell, and does glow nicely in the dark (just make sure you "charge" it up under the light).

I think a lot of people love it as much as we do as the range is almost completely out of stock on The Entertainer's website (they carry the full range of Liquid Lava Putty)! I'm sure they will restock it though, and there is a new twin pack range (Colour Fusion) releasing soon where you can get 2 colours in one tin.

For YouTubers followers, I'd get the transparent putty quick before that is sold out as well because that seems to be the latest slime hype on YouTube. You can literally mix anything dry (that doesn't go soft later on) and colourful in the transparent slime to make your own unique slime. You can even colour it with markers or gel food colouring (although anything wet will change the tackiness of the slime)!

Anyway we loved the glow in the dark slime as well, and as mentioned above, used some of it for our crafting fun after giving it a good stretch and poke.

Contents of Bobble It Flowers and Vase kit
Found the 5th flower bud pin off screen!

Showing the texture of Bobble It slime

showing the basic step to make the flowers, and the taped up vase that's made up of 2 halves

Nickelodeon Bobble It Fancy Flowers Kit (£15.00, suitable for 5 years +) comes with:

4 bags of Bobble (40g blue, 40g yellow, 20g purple, 20g pink, 20g green and 20g orange)
2 x 1/2 vase pieces
3 flower cutters
5 flower stems, 5 flower centres and 5 flower backs

There aren't instructions included in the kit (so that children can get creative and use their imaginations), but the pictures on the box indicates a way to make the flowers - using the flower centre pin to pin the flower back to the flower stem, then use the cutters to make Bobble flower petals and stick them on to the flower backs.

For the vase, use adhesive (the box suggested sticky tape) to stick the 2 halves together to make 1 vase, ready for decorating.

Bobble, as mentioned before, is like a slime, so you can stretch and play with it (see above pictures, you can see very thin sticky strands in between tiny foam balls) like you would with slime. But the stickiness allows it to mould into or around shapes too.

They can be a bit hard to remove from the plastic container as they are very sticky, but they don't stick on your skin.

Abby and Clay having fun making the flowers and vase

Glow in the Dark Liquid Lava Putty and Bobble It butterfly, bobble it 3D rose

Me and the kids had a great crafting session using Bobble It (while playing with the Liquid Lava Putty as well) to make the vase and flowers. We also made butterflies and a 3D flower to decorate our rainbow vase!

Can you spot the small butterfly's Liquid Lava Putty glow in the dark wings? Abby left the butterfly to dry away from the heater and although the putty is still soft, it didn't melt away. In fact, it was still slightly tacky so we can attach it to the vase, where as the Bobble slime has dried completely.

As mentioned before, we had a little disaster as we placed the flowers and vase to dry on top of a heater, so the parts made with the Liquid Lava Putty went so soft that they let go to gravity. It made us giggle though after Abby spotting the flower dissolving:

The completed flowers and vase, with Liquid Lava Putty parts melted off the flowers

Luckily it was easy to remove the putty, and as soon as we moved it away from the heater it went back to its normal form. We'll be replacing the 3 missing petals later on, otherwise the flowers in the vase looks quite nice!

Me and Abby didn't think of mixing the Bobble colours together as we thought it'll look messy, but Clay was a bit more daring and showed how pretty it can be when mixed (inspired by the Minions!). I think we'll decorate the last 2 flowers with marble effect as well!

The Bobble slime comes with resealable bags so you can keep them fresh.

We had great fun crafting with Bobble, it's easy and there is no mess at all (you should still wash your hands and wipe the table after though). The result is very pretty and has brightened up our living room too!

You can buy Bobble It kits in stores and online now.