Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Addo Play Pitter Patter Pets - Run Rabbit Run

If your child loves bunnies, especially seeing them play together, then this will be the Christmas present for them! In Addo Play's Pitter Patter Pets Run Rabbit Run playset, you don't just get 1 but 3 running bunnies, and it comes with enclosure and accessories too. Not only are they absolutely adorable, they also create lots of giggles!

Addo Play Pitter Patter Pets Run Rabbit Run before unboxing, and the contents laid out after unboxing

Addo Play Pitter Patter Pets - Run Rabbit Run Playset (RRP £24.99, suitable for age 3 years +) comes with 3 rabbits (purple, white and pink, each takes 1 x AAA battery), 3 plastic carrots, 3 card paper foldable beds, 1 card paper rabbit home, 1 cardboard tunnel and the outer box will become part of the enclosure, which is brilliant as most of the packaging is being used as part of the playset!

Purple rabbit placed in adult's hand to show the close up and size

the 3 rabbit beds folded into 3D bed shapes, bottom picture shows the rabbits in their bed, with a carrot each in front of them

The rabbits are generally soft and fluffy and they run on wheels (on/ off switch is located at the base). As soon as you turn them on they will start running around!

The beds are quite easy to fold into a 3D shape, although it might be easier for older children and adults to do this. There is no instructions as they aren't needed (and better for the environment too), simply use the box's pictures as guidance.

The instruction for attaching the rabbit home to the bottom box is included on the box.

To set up the enclosure, simply peel a panel down from each part of the box (indicated on the box) and place the tunnel in between the lid and the box. According to Abby, the bunnies will run themselves into the tube if it is placed on the edge of both boxes instead of having them stick out into the enclosures. It creates more space for the rabbits to run too.

the enclosure set up for play, with the rabbits in their beds and the carrots in the house

Pictures showing the kids playing with the playset
Right: rabbits can run into the tunnel themselves when the tube is places just on the edge of the enclosure.

The Pitter Patter Pets Run Rabbit Run has created lots of giggles! Watch the video to see how much fun they had playing with the bunnies!

the 3 rabbits ran into each other and looks like they are huddling together

The kids' favourite part is to watch the bunnies huddling together. They are really adorable and we all love them very much! We have each adopted one of them and have been looking after them, even when the kids aren't playing with them inside the enclosure.

I think this playset will certainly appeal to little children, even Abby couldn't resist their cuteness! There is also a hamster version available, and if you look around, there are some really good offers too.