Thursday, 16 November 2017

John Adams IDEAL Games - Dinkee Linkee

Dinkee Linkee for Kids is our second game we tried out from the IDEAL games pack we've received from John Adams' Toys, and to our surprise, it made us go really silly and we have been laughing throughout our game! Read on to find out how fun Dinkee can be for children and adults alike!

Dinkee, Linkee for Kids (RRP £19.99, suitable for 8 years +) is  a kids version of John Adams' IDEAL Games Linkee game. It can be played by 3 to 30 kids, and comes with:

200 Dinkee Cards, each has 4 questions, 1 clue and the Dinkee answer
5 Trading Rules Reminder Cards
4 Pencils
4 Note Pads
1 Rules Sheet

The game is very simple, 1 player or team picks a card and read the questions one after another to the other players/ teams, who will write down their answers on the note pads. After the 4 questions are answered (or even before), they will have to find the connection between the 4 answers.

The first player/ team who answered it correctly can keep the card, which when flipped over will reveal a letter. The first player/ team who has collected all the letters to spell "Dinkee" wins the game.

Each player/ team can trade their extra letters in as well for the card they need, or to jeopardise other players/ teams!

The first thing I noticed when I unboxed Dinkee was the names on the pencil. I immediately thought: "Dinkee! They are all artists!" I hope I'm right anyway.

There are 200 Dinkee cards, and the random ones I picked out sounds quite fun to answer with the kids, I just didn't realise we would be laughing so much!

Although there were 3 of us, which is the minimum number of players needed to play the game, Clay is still a bit young for the game and some questions could be quite hard for him to understand. But to get him involved, me and Abby tried our hardest to either change the question to something easier, or give him enough hints so that he can have some fun as well. After all it's not really about winning the game but to have fun together.

So for example, there was a question about cricket and the answer was "bat", but since I wasn't sure how much they know about cricket, I changed the question to something easier and asked them "What is Batman's pet animal?"

Abby tried her hardest to help him as well. One of her question was "What's at the bottom of your leg?" And because Clay couldn't think of the answer "foot", she did this:

and said:"Look! The part at the bottom of your leg that touches the floor and has toes on it!" I'm sure Clay got it straight after she was swinging her foot around, but he just couldn't stop laughing to answer!

We were laughing at Abby as well as she kept shouting "Dinkee" way too early and got kicked out from a few rounds for giving the wrong answer!

I think the game is great and has a good amount of competitiveness for kids above 8 to play together, but it can be hilarious when you play with younger siblings too! Then of course, playing as a family we parents are happy to step back a little to give the little ones a chance.

So far we've enjoyed the questions asked on the cards, and I've been wondering since what the original Linkee questions is like that are made for adults to answer? I'll have to find out as I've heard it's quite a good game too!

A great game to play during Christmas, Dinkee Linkee for Kids is available now in all good toy stores. You can also check IDEAL Games Facebook page for more reviews and there are prizes to be won too!