Sunday, 12 November 2017

John Adams IDEAL Games - Telestrations

Every year when we meet up with our family for big gatherings, we always have a board game or two out. This year we will be bringing John Adams IDEAL Games - Telestrations with us because it'll make a hilarious game for a large group of players!

Before and after unboxing Telestrations

Telestrations (RRP £24.99, suitable for 8 years +) is a 4 to 8 players game. It comes with:

8 x Erasable Sketch Books
8 x Dry-wipe/ Whiteboard Markers
8 x Clean Up Cloths
100 x This Side and That Side Cards (over 1,100 words)
60 seconds Electronic Timer (includes 2 x AG13 batteries)

Note: The cloths might be stuck together, simply peel them apart to get 8

Contents are stored in one of the most sturdy board game box we've ever come across, which is obviously built for travelling so that you can take it to family and friends gathering like we would! Just my guess hehe. But I do love a good strong box for board games though, and it will help keep the contents in (it's Clay proof! He loves taking everything out and never re-pack them) too.

Funny game rules

I love it when games' objective is to have fun and laugh! That should be the objective of all games. Not every game require a winner, although you can tally up points to get a winner out of the game if you wish.

We also had a laugh at the This Side or That Side cards! According to the instructions, you can pick either side, not that there is any specific differences!

Timer when lit up and 3 samples of the word cards

The electronic timer, when pressed, will beep and light up every 10 seconds until the last 5 seconds, where it will beep and light up every second.

The This Side and That Side cards has a number of words, each colour coded. Colour will be decided each round as a group or by one player. The underlined blank space means that you can pick any word you like. If the card shows a word that is underlined, such as "A favourite food", you can pick any word that's associated to it.

Step by step picture showing how the game works

Step by step picture showing how the game works

To play:
Each player starts with 1 sketchbook, 1 marker and a cloth. As you'll be swapping the books around, the first thing to do is to put your name on the last page of the book.

Each player pick a card and a side of the card without showing it to others, and when a colour has been chosen, write down the word next to the colour on the second last page. Players then have 60 seconds to draw the word on the first page of the book.

When everyone is done, close the book and pass it to the player on their left (or right. Just make sure you stick to one direction). Each player then have 60 seconds to write on the second page what the picture shows.

The cycle repeats by drawing and writing what you see/ read on the page before (not the previous ones), and when you get your own book back, it's time to look at how your original word turned out to be at the end!

Kids concentrating on writing down what they saw

Pictures showing how a Bulls Eye picture becomes Red Bull

For example. My word was "Bulls Eye", but I didn't want to make it easy by drawing a target, so I drew a bull with an arrow pointing at his eye. Clay got the bull part right, but he missed the arrow! And Abby, not following the rules of not using words in your drawing, drew a bull but it's red?!

There is a reason why the game is for a minimum of 4 players, ideally more than 6 to make it hilarious. We did have lots of giggles though, especially when Abby tried to guess Clay's word "Gold". She ended up guessing "window", which I drew.

Overall we all think that it's a great game, and we are looking forward to playing it with our family this Christmas!

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