Thursday, 23 November 2017

John Adams IDEAL Games - Think Words Spin

As we usually have a busy week, we like to spend our weekends indoor, and what better than playing a few family games for a good quality time spent together? We've really enjoyed playing John Adams IDEAL Games so far (you can find all our reviews here), and in this post I'll be writing about our fun experience with Think Words! Spin!, which has a really simple setup but comes with 7 game rules you can play with.

We've only tested out 3 of them but we enjoyed them all. Read on to find out more.

John Adams IDEAL Games Telestrations, Dinkee Linkee, Think Words and Tipping Point laid out together

John Adamas IDEAL Games Think Words contents

John Adams IDEAL Games Think Words! Spin! (RRP £19.99, suitable for age 8 years +) comes with a spinner, 80 cards (each has 4 categories and a coloured letter on the other side of the cards) and 1 instruction sheet with rules for 7 games.

Setup depends on each game, some requires the whole deck placed inside the spinner, some outside. It all involves spinning the spinner and using the category and letters to think of words. The person who shouted out any correct answer first get to keep the cards, and the person who collected the most cards win the game.

Kids playing 3 of the Think Words games

For example, in Game 1 (top left picture), players are to take turn to spin the spinner filled with cards, with 8 cards spread around the spinner. Players then have to be the first to shout out a word that starts with the letter that the spinner is pointing at, under the category that the colour of the letter indicates.

We had "Things to do to relax" starting with the letter "P", and the cheeky Abby shouted "Poo!". I rolled my eyes but we all laughed!

We get our own stack of cards in Game 2 (top right picture), and every time someone shouted a doable word, they can take one of the card from other players and add it to their own pile. As soon as you lose all your cards you are out of the game (poor Clay!).

Out of the 3 games we've tried, we liked Game 4 (bottom 2 pictures) most. You are to spread all the cards in 8 piles around the spinner, and spin the spinner twice to get a starting letter and ending letter to make up a word that fits into the category. It's definitely more challenging!

Although we have our favourite, and Clay is still a bit young to be quick enough for the game (he did came up with the song title "History"), we had lots of fun playing the games. The kids didn't want to stop, but someone had to cook dinner!

The only thing that slowed the fun down a bit was when we had to wait for the spinner to stop spinning. The kids kept trying to stop the spinner by hand but I said it wouldn't be natural. It was a nice chilled out game though.

You can find out more about John Adams IDEAL Games by following them on their Facebook page.