Thursday, 30 November 2017

John Adams IDEAL Games - Tipping Point

John Adams IDEAL Games Tipping Point game will be perfect for the game show's fans to play. It even comes with an electronic Tipping Point machine! Read on to find out more about the game.

John Adams IDEAL Games Tipping Point Game

John Adams IDEAL Games Tipping Point Game

John Adams IDEAL Games Tipping Point (RRP £24.99 , suitable for age 10 years +) requires 3 or more players/ teams to play. The box comes with:
  • Electronic Tipping Point Machine (requires2 x AA batteries)
  • 80 Blue double sided Question Cards (6 questions each card)
  • 30 Red Double sided Question Cards (6 questions each card, 2 easy, 2 medium and 2 hard)
  • 4 Team Colour Tokens
  • 7 Jackpot and Forfeit Tokens
  • 69 Playing Tokens
  • Instructions

John Adams IDEAL Games Tipping Point Game

The electronic Tipping Point machine comes in 3 parts but it's easy to set it up. You will need to place part of the playing tokens on the machine first as per instructions as well.

If you haven't seen the game show before, there are 3 rounds to play in the game.

In round 1, a player/ team ask(s) a question from the blue card and the other players/ teams have to be the first to shout out their colour before they can answer it. If the answer is correct, the player/ team can play one of their 3 tokens in the Tipping Point machine and collect the payout. Rules for wrong answer or passing the opportunity to play the Tipping Point machine applies.

This goes on until all players/ teams have used up their 3 playing tokens.

In round 2, players are to play in the same manner, but this time it involves the 6 blue special tokens, and a specific player/ team will be answering the question (the one on the left of the one that asks the question).

The winning player/ team from the previous 2 rounds enters the end round where they'll play the "jackpot" token in the Tipping Point machine, and they have to use Playing Tokens to eject the "Jackpot" token to win. This involves answering questions from the red Question Cards.

John Adams IDEAL Games Tipping Point Game

As Clay is too young for the game, and a lot of categories are unfamiliar to me and Abby (theatre, art, traffic, for example), we took it easy with the game and changed the rules a bit (we kept swapping cards for example, to get to the questions that we all might know), so that we each have a chance to play with the electronic Tipping Point machine.

Instead of feeling frustrated, we all had a great laugh by easing the game play so that even Clay can play too. For example, a question asked who is "Who" in Beyonce's song "Who Run the World". I doubt Clay knows who Beyonce is, but because we watched Pitch Perfect (I know. We PGed through the movie with a few eyes and ears covering. The songs are great though!), I knew the kids have a chance to know the answer, and it was Clay who got it right!

I think Tipping Point is definitely a challenging game and covers a wide area of questions,  so I do think that the game will be more fun for people who are into the game show Tipping Point, or loves trivia games that covers all sorts of topics.

For us it's a difficult game, and questions from Dinkee Linkee for Kids would suit us more (maybe we'll play Tipping Point again using those cards!), however we do think that the machine is nicely built and fun (the kids love to play coin machines), there are tons of questions, and with the right player it will be just like the game show! It's perfect for those who likes to challenge themselves with questions from different areas and compete against each other for the jackpot.

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