Friday, 17 November 2017

Perfect Breakfast with Ready Brek and Despicable Me 3

We have always been fans of porridge, especially the super smooth, easy to eat and easy to make Ready Brek as it makes a quick, delicious and warming breakfast, especially during the colder mornings.

I also love to use the original Ready Brek to make healthy yet really delicious banana and chocolate muffins (just Ready Brek original oats, mashed banana, cocoa powder, walnut chunks and honey! I can do with some right now), as it makes a much smoother mixture.

Although those muffins are scrumptious, the kids still prefer to eat Ready Brek the original porridge way, and flavour them with either a spoonful of golden syrup or strawberry jam.

Ready Brek oat porridge Despicable Me 3 promotion pack, Despicable Me 3 DVD and Despicable Me 3 Mineez Fizz n Surprise

Picture of the kids Ready Brek porridge breakfast, one with golden syrup and the other with a dollop of jam, and the box of Despicable Me 3 DVD
The kids love Ready Brek with a spoonful of golden syrup or strawberry jam
Ready Brek has kindly sent us a lovely Despicable Me 3 themed package to promote their new giveaway where you can win Despicable Me 3 prizes including night-vision goggles and remote control drones (last until 14th January 2018. Read package for more details)!

When I announced last Sunday morning that it was Ready Brek porridge for breakfast and they can watch Despicable Me 3 DVD at the same time, the kids were super excited! What I didn't tell them until after is that I also have a Despicable Me 3 surprise for them to play with!

They absolutely enjoyed their yummy breakfast while watching one of their favourite show.

The kids watching the Mineez fixx bomb dissolve in a sink of water

stages of the Mineez fixx bomb dissolving and revealing a mini submarine toy with 2 squishy Minions inside

The kids holding a Mineez Minion each, and the back of the pack for comparison to show which Minion they've received

The kids were really excited when I showed them the Despicable Me 3 Mineez Fizz 'n' Surprise Submarine! They couldn't wait to see which Minions they received from the fizz bomb. They are a fan of bath bombs and was a tad disappointed when I told them that it's not suitable for bath haha! They eagerly drop the Mineez into the sink full of cold water and watched the Mineez fizz with amusement.

The Mineez Fizz 'n' Surprise revealed a super adorable mini sub (that Clay took to bed that night. And then into our bed with him!) and 2 squishy Minions. According to the back of the packaging, we received Miss Minion and Snorkling Minion, and it seems like Miss Minion is a rare one? Anyway they both loved them, and love watching them turn green under the icy cold water!

The kids had a really fun morning with Ready Brek and Despicable Me3! You can buy the new promotion packs, Despicable Me3 DVD and Mineez Fizz 'n' Surprise Submarine now and hold your own fun breakfast morning too.