Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Scentco Scented Activity Set and Plush

Me and the kids love to collect all sorts of pretty stationery and we each have our favourites. While I love sparkly crystal ones and Clay loves his super heroes' ones, Abby's favourite is any stationery that are cute and scented.

I came across Scentco scented stationery at the Toy Fair and knew that I should keep an eye out for their range because I knew Abby will love them. They have a 2 years scent guarantee too, which is definitely a bonus as some of her scented pencils doesn't smell much anymore.

Scentco's Smanimals and Scented Activity Kit, kids happily sniffing the scented bear and scented pencils

We've received a Scentco's Smanimals Scented Stuffed Animal (£7.50, suitable for children 3 years+) and Scentco's Scented Activity Kit (£12, suitable for 3 years +), which are one of the items that couldn't make it to our Christmas Gifts Guide as I received them after we can review them for the guide, but we really like them both and think that they will make deliciously scented Christmas stocking fillers for those who love scented stationery and plush.

Scentco's Smanimals Strawberry Teddy Bear from the front and back

Scentco's Smanimals Strawberry Teddy Bear close up to see the texture around the nose

Scentco's Smanimals Strawberry Teddy Bear information

Scentco's Smanimals Strawberry Teddy Bear smells absolutely delicious! It fits snuggly in my hand and is the perfect size for little hands. It feels really soft but beany, so we are guessing that it's filled with scented beads. I think it'll even make a cute gift for grown ups to put on their desk for the cuteness and whiffs of strawberry scent!

There are 6 to collect, each with a delicious food smell.

Scentco Scented Activity Kit's scented pencils and the kit's content unboxed

Scentco Scented Activity Kit close up on sticker sheet, and one colouring sheet coloured

Scentco's Scented Activity Kit is perfect for travelling, and because it comes with assorted items inside, it'll definitely make a lovely stocking filler. It comes with 4 scented colouring pencils, 5 colouring sheets and a sticker sheet full of cute stickers. The colouring pencils colours really well, and each smells quite strong (I have no doubt it will last for 2 years!) of fruits.

The blueberry pencil stood out the most to us because it smelled exactly like Yam Bubble Tea (the purple drink), although it was meant to be blueberry. Initially I thought it was just me thinking that, but both Abby and Clay said exactly the same thing on different occasions! It is one of my favourite bubble tea drink and the kids love the scent too.

I think we will collect the other colours from the Scentco colouring range as well because 4 colours and 4 scents are definitely not enough for us!

If you know someone who loves scented stationery and teddies, do take a look at Scentco's range, they have a lot of other products too and they all smell delicious!