Friday, 1 December 2017

Disney Pixar Cars 3 1:16 RC Ultimate Jackson Storm

Have you seen Disney Pixar Cars 3 yet? We thought it was a bit sad, but it has a brilliant ending. Just because a part of your journey has come to an end, doesn't mean you can't go on through doing something else!

We were given an opportunity to review one of Simba Smoby's Disney Pixar Cars 3 1:16 Remote Control Ultimate range, which comes with remote controllable Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramierez. Although we dislike Jackson Storm in the show, we must admit that he looks really sleek, which Clay absolutely loves!

The remote control cars has several exciting features, and we were most intrigued by the smoking and drifting, especially the smoke. How did they make it possible?!

Disney Pixar Cars 3 RC Ultimate Jackson Storm in box and contents

Disney Pixar Cars 3 RC Ultimate Jackson Storm close up of Jackson Storm and remote control

Disney Pixar Cars 3 1:16 RC Ultimate Jackson Storm (RRP £59.99, suitable for age 5 years +) comes with 1:16 scale Jackson Storm (requires 5 x AA batteries) and a remote control (requires 3 x AA batteries).

The car has the following functions:

  • 2,4GHz Remote Control
  • On/ Off button on the bottom of the cars
  • Light and Sound
  • Rev and Turbo
  • Drifting
  • Reverse Parking
  • Donut turns (360 degree turns)
  • Brake
  • Smoke

You can see some of the features demonstrated by Abby in the following video:

The only thing we didn't film was the brake feature where Jackson Storm will stop instantly no matter how fast it was going, with the sound of a sharp brake and smoke coming out from both sides of the car.

Disney Pixar Cars 3 RC Ultimate Jackson Storm steam water container

The smoke feature is very realistic, created by steam coming out from both ends of the car! Apparently there is a water container hidden underneath Jackson Storm, which we can fill with water, that creates the smoke effect. When you touch the "smoke", it felt a bit misty, but doesn't affect the car's performance at all. It's a very clever and cool feature and we are very well impressed!

Having said that, our favourite feature is the Donut spin (see video above) because it looks so awesome! It spins for 3 rounds as well for us to take in the full impact!

I think for Disney Pixar Cars 3 fans, this is the Christmas present to get for them! I bet they will be extremely impressed with it as we are!