Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Christmas Countdown with John Adams Toys eZee Beads Studio Carry Case Set

One of our favourite crafting material is eZee Beads by John Adams' Toys. We have tried other similar ones before but eZee Beads combines some of the better features that makes us prefer them more, and they come with very useful tools too!

The only problem we ever had was storage for the beads, so we were extremely excited for the opportunity to review eZee Beads' Studio Carry Case set as it has 10 compartments to store the beads, compartments to store the water spray and tool, as well as all the templates and design board! And it can be carried around without the beads going everywhere so you can craft while you are away!

We are currently using the beads and templates that comes with the carry case, as well as additional eZee Beads that we already have to create many eZee Beads Christmas hanging decorations for our 12 days of Christmas countdown. There are still 3 more designs we will be publishing on social media, but I'd love to show you what we think about the studio carry case so far!

John Adams' Toys eZee Beads Studio Carry Case set (RRP £22.99, suitable for age 5 years +) comes with:

  • Carry Case (10 eZee Beads storage compartments, water sprayer compartment, bead tool compartment, design cards and design board storage, removable lid)
  • Over 1000 eZee Beads (1 packet of white, orange, yellow, purple, light pink, pink, light green and black, and 2 packets each of light blue and red)
  • Water Spray Bottle
  • Bead Tool
  • design board
  • 4 design cards (12 templates)
  • Instructions

The carry case is slanted so that you can comfortably craft on the case. Just make sure you remove the design card underneath the design board before you spray water or the card will stick to the board!

To make it more convenient to craft using the carry case, the lid is removable, but don't worry as the lid clicks onto the case well so the beads will stay in their compartments even when it's propped up straight!

We love how some of the templates can be used for Christmas as well (snowflake and Christmas tree), so it really is perfect as a Christmas gift! For our 12 days of Christmas Christmas countdown, we used a couple of the templates, as well as freestyling the rest. We even designed a couple without the design board (we place them on our silicone crafting mats), they are that versatile! Here are our first 9 designs:

My favourite had to be Abby's Santa, she didn't have a template for it at all, so I was well impressed with it!

Overall we absolutely love the eZee Beads Studio Carry Case. It's brilliant as a storage (no more mixed up beads in the box!), you can craft on it, and carry everything neatly inside the case! It's very durable, the bead tool helps pick up beads from their compartments, and a bottle of water is plenty to spray for many designs, so you can do a lot with them even if you aren't home!

A couple of the templates are Christmas themed, and although we didn't use the other templates for our Christmas countdown, we do love them all (especially the cupcake and vase!), so we'll be looking forward to crafting them as well.

Stay tuned for our last 3 eZee Beads Christmas ornaments on social media!