Saturday, 9 December 2017

Num Noms Collector's Case

As a fan of Num Noms, our Num Noms Scented Collectibles collection has gotten so out of hand that we had to use a large storage box to store them all. It's not ideal as we can't display them, and have to dig through them to find our favourites to play with.

If you have the same problem as us, then here is a competition you shouldn't miss! Num Noms UK are looking for the biggest Num Noms collector in the country, and will be offering the winner and runner ups big bundle of prizes!

Simply post a picture of your collection on Facebook, tagging Num Noms UK, or email it to by Monday 11th December, 2017 (yes it's this coming Monday!). Good luck!

Our problem is solved for now as Num Noms has kindly sent Abby the latest Num Noms Collector's Case, where she can display majority of her favourite Num Noms in the case! They even personalised it for her with her name! Together with a Num Noms magazine and a couple of mystery packs, we have one really happy girl, and it's not even Christmas yet. Thank you Num Noms!

Num Noms Collector's Case (RRP £19.99, suitable for age 3 years +) comes with:

  • The case (has a handle so can be carried around)
  • 6 label tabs
  • A sheet of sticker labels (some named and plenty of plain ones you can write on)
  • An exclusive Num from Num Noms Lights Series 2 - Princess CC Gummy Bear Num
  • An exclusive Nom from Num Noms series 4 - Razz-Blue Meringue Gloss-Up Nom

The carry case can store over 50 Num Noms (with the Num Noms stacked). We are still working out how to showcase our Num Noms the way we wanted it, but so far it's looking like this:

We love the cute Num face on one side of the case, and the clear view of the contents on the other side. We also love the cute little touches such as the iconic Num Noms spoon handle and the little bite mark in the corner of one ear! You can smell the yummy scent through it too!

We also received more personalised stickers from Num Noms for Abby to use, thank you! Now she can put her name on all the other playsets and possibly more collector's cases in the future!

And we love the additional gifts from Num Noms too! We found a special edition Glitter Polish-It Nom - Lemony, in one of the mystery pack! Yay! We absolutely love the scent and the pretty glitters! It's going to be perfect for Christmas!

Now we just need to find the special edition Shimmer Polish-It Nom - Bubble!

The magazine is as cute and packed with cute and yummy smelling gifts as usual! We really love this issue, and Clay even attempted to make the Num Noms Craft stand on his own, although he made it with normal paper. I wish he asked me for a box!

2 weeks until Christmas and we are certainly going to have new Num Noms to join our collection! What have you bought for this Christmas?