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Last updated: 10th March 2017

As a stay at home mum in the UK, my life is surrounded by family and food (well, housework as well but let's don't talk about that!). This doesn't mean that I don't have a life, oh no. I have a life and I enjoy it very much. Of course, you'll get the odd days where everything including the herbs you are trying to chop go against you, but that's just life, and I want to share part of it through this blog.

We love our food. We love to try cooking dishes that we have enjoyed outside, or food that we missed from Holland (including Indonesian food from Holland), Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore (including Malaysian food). Ah yes, me and hubby are both from a multinational background. But that's another story! When I've found a recipe I like and it worked, I will share it here on this blog.

I can't remember what life was like before we had babies, they are so important to us that we rather spend special occasions with them than finding a baby sitter. This doesn't mean that their cheekiness doesn't make us go crazy though!

Abby is 9 now and has her ups and downs at school, but she remains cheerful and cheeky! Academically she's a little Miss Brilliant, and what she says sometimes stunned us. I hope that we can keep up with her! She also loves LEGO, video games especially Minecraft, ROBLOX and Nintendo games, cycling, swimming, and anything kawaii.

Soon to be 6 years old Clay is much healthier now than before, maybe because he's grown stronger, and the swimming has certainly helped with his breathing. He still have his little character and loves to take things at his own pace (it really depends on his mood and even the teachers know that!). He's still that cheeky and funny little guy, and we hope that it will not change! Clay absolutely loves LEGO (the master builder type, so it's really messy here because he likes to take things apart and rebuild them!), as well as video games like his sister. He also loves cycling, going to the park; is a huge fan of Marvel Super Heroes and Batman!

Cooking something new and trying out new things is big in this household. We just don't do well with the same things all the time!

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